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COVID-19 response at Pillar Logistics, LLC

How has Pillar Logistics, LLC responded to COVID-19? What is working at Pillar Logistics, LLC during coronavirus like? Are some employees at Pillar Logistics, LLC working from home?

Leadership during COVID-19 at Pillar Logistics, LLC

What do employees think about the leadership response to COVID-19 at Pillar Logistics, LLC? Explore insights about response time, employee approval, and sick days.

COVID-19 approval

Do you approve of the leadership response to COVID-19?
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COVID-19 vaccination policy

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Are people required to be vaccinated against COVID-19?
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Work during COVID-19 at Pillar Logistics, LLC

What is it like to work at Pillar Logistics, LLC during COVID-19? Explore working on-site, safety precautions and procedures and overall changes.

COVID-19 on-site work

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On-site measures to help protect workers
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COVID-19 changes

COVID-19 has substantially changed my working life
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Work from home support at Pillar Logistics, LLC

Does the management at Pillar Logistics, LLC support working from home? Explore work from home benefits, equipment and resources and other tools.

WFH allowance

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Do you get an allowance for WFH costs?
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WFH Allowance approval

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The WFH benefit is enough to cover costs.
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WFH resources

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Do you have the equipment and resources you need to WFH?
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WFH support

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Do you feel well supported to work from home?
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Q&A about COVID-19 response at Pillar Logistics, LLC

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