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Postmates Employee Benefits

All the listed benefits are extracted from job descriptions, reviews, and Q&A posted on Indeed. Please contact the employer to understand the benefits connected to a relevant job.

Overall Benefits and Compensations

Benefits found on job postings

  • Flexible schedule

6 benefit categories

61 reviews about benefits at Postmates


67% positive reviews

  • Health insurance

Health insurance

Oh, and BTW, as a fully self-employed person, I have my health insurance through Stride. - view all

Independent Contractor - Charlotte, NC - Jan 19, 2019

Details about Insurance

Health insurance (3 reviews)

67% of the reviews are positive

Flexibility at work

100% positive reviews

  • Work from home
  • Flexible schedule

Work from home

Been consistently working part time while I find work from home. - view all

Customer Service Representative - Denver, CO - May 25, 2019

Flexible schedule

An excellent in between job that offers a flexible work schedule and offers a set of skills that are quick and easy to pick up for anyone interested in working with them. - view all

Delivery Driver - Roseville, CA - May 29, 2019

Details about Flexibility at work

Work from home (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Flexible schedule (46 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Financial perks

100% positive reviews

  • Signing bonus
  • Bonus pay
  • Referral program

Signing bonus

By this time 3 weeks had passed and I was mostly out of time to receive my sign on bonus. - view all

Contractor - Athens, GA - Apr 17, 2019

Bonus pay

I have not received any of those bonus earnings and no ons will reply to my support emails. - view all

Driver - Austin, TX - Mar 8, 2019

Referral program

This is an ok way to make some side money I guess if you need to buy like grocery’s or something, and it really depends on if people decide to tip you or not, cuz the actually delivery pay is like nothing, you never know if your gonna get a bunch of delivery’s or none at all, sometimes you can wait in the absolute middle of a “hot spot” and still get none and then leave the hot spot and get a random one, there’s no way to actually speak to any support ever and the app doesn’t cover all the situations you’ll come across with the options it gives you, also I’m pretty sure the referral bonus is a lie or at least the details are very misleading and you’ll probably not get it if you try, I guess sometimes you can make kind of a decent amount but I don’t think they should advertise as an $18 an hour job, also it’s pretty rough on your car and uses up all your gas, wears down your starter and adds a ton of miles, and then you’ll have to pay taxes on the income later lol - view all

Postmate - United States - Mar 8, 2019

Details about Financial perks

Signing bonus (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Bonus pay (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Referral program (2 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive


100% positive reviews

  • Retirement plan

Retirement plan

In addition to medical/dental/vision insurance, 401k, there are nice benefits like paleo catering, a game room, and drinks out on the company every Friday evening. - view all

Operations Manager - San Francisco, CA - Aug 30, 2016

Details about Retirement

Retirement plan (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive


100% positive reviews

  • Food provided

Food provided

Postmates offers no other incentives such as free food, like other platforms do. - view all

Fleet - Honolulu, HI - Mar 10, 2019

Details about Meals

Food provided (6 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Other benefits

100% positive reviews

  • Paid toll fees

Paid toll fees

I spent 40 minutes, paid tolls and used up 1/2 tank of gas, and was paid NOTHING!!!! - view all

Driver - Tampa, FL - Jan 26, 2019

Details about Other benefits

Paid toll fees (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive