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May 8, 2020

Our People

What is it like to work at Power? As the driving force behind our success, our people perform many roles and responsibilities that require resilience, relentless dedication, and uncommon optimism. It requires them to be masters of their discipline and prioritize the success of their team above their own. While we don’t pretend that working at Power is easy, we also believe that greatness doesn’t happen in our comfort zones. Learn more about the stories of good people doing great things at Power below.

I Work For Power Because...

As a former professional athlete, I was nervous about my transition into the business world. I chose Power because of the team camaraderie, the initial and ongoing training, and the opportunity to be promoted from within.

I Work For Power Because....

There is a common misconception that women can't succeed in the remodeling industry. At Power, we think differently. We believe that with empathy and equal opportunities for all, women will not only succeed in the remodeling industry, but thrive in it.

Our Initiatives

Purpose Beyond a Paycheck

Does the place you spend most of your life give you purpose? We believe that creating the best workplace for our employees isn’t limited to great perks and high pay. It’s providing them with a sense of mission and belonging. It’s empowering them to find their purpose and create their legacy. We believe that every individual deserves a career that offers the freedom to be their authentic selves while working towards something bigger than themselves.

It’s these beliefs that gave birth to the many initiatives within our walls. If you’re seeking a company that celebrates what makes you unique, welcome home. Learn about our many initiatives below.

Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Our goal is to show Power's commitment to creating change agents throughout our company and to ensure that we maintain an environment where everyone is afforded the opportunity to succeed and grow based on the merit of their work and character. Whatever your race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, or gender, you have a home at Power where you can kiss your hopes and dreams hello.

Veterans Initiative

Our National Director of Military Affairs, Michael Hansen, is pioneering a unique approach to boosting business success while empowering a community that has selflessly served our nation. Changing the narrative of an entire nation is an uphill battle. Shattering deeply rooted stereotypes isn’t easy. But if there’s one thing that doesn’t intimidate veterans, it’s a challenge.

Women's Initiative

Gender disparity isn't behind us, especially in the remodeling industry. Although our field is known for being male-dominated, Power is creating an environment where men and women are equally empowered to succeed. Through these efforts, not only are we proving that women can work in our industry, but thrive in it. Our mission is to bring balance to our industry and make gender inequality ancient history.

Tech At Power

Inspired by Purpose. Fueled by Relationships. Driven by Impact.

We move fast, ship rapidly and iterate quickly. We get to dip our toes in many different, fascinating areas and solve unique, challenging problems that are synonymous with a start-up culture, but within a well-funded organization.

We use cutting edge technologies like augmented reality, computer vision, machine learning, speech recognition and processing, geospatial data, and a variety of mobile platforms. We have also developed a communication platform that connects everyone in the company from around the country and across the globe.

We’re a tech powerhouse hidden inside a remodeling company.

Our Benefits

At Power we believe that if our employees aren't over-the-moon happy, we're not doing our job. That's why our benefits are designed with one goal in mind - to empower our people to live their best lives. From cess to a nationwide network of medical professionals via text and relocation opportunities to the top U.S. cities to getting paid to hit the gym or improve the community, our perks are the rocket-fuel that not only allows you to thrive at work, but also be happy and healthy at home.

Our Values

In a world where integrity and authenticity are hard to come by, a company that is honest and unapologetic about what they stand for is an anomaly. At Power, our core values aren't an ambiguous code of conduct. Rather, they are ingrained in our DNA. They determine how we do business and how we treat our employees. It's who we are and who we always will be.

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