About Premise Health

Named a Top Workplace of 2017 and 2016, Premise Health is a leading worksite health and patient engagement company dedicated to improving the cost and quality of employee healthcare. We believe healthcare should be about helping people get, stay and be well. That’s our mission and it’s the foundation of everything we do. With more than 40 years of experience, Premise Health manages more than 500 onsite health and wellness centers across the country. We serve more than 200 of the nation’s leading employers, including a significant number of the Fortune 1000.

We help people get, stay, and be well. We do this by providing high-quality and efficient care, focusing on health improvement and an exceptional patient and client experience. We recognize every client is different, and we are flexible and responsive in order to achieve success across our diverse client base.

Our Culture

Our culture gives us the edge.

At Premise Health, we believe that changing healthcare demands new ideas. So we've built a remarkable corporate culture around innovation--a culture that fosters open communication and never accepts the status quo. We’re always learning, from ourselves and from our clients. We’re always thinking. Always looking for new ways – better ways – to help people get, stay, and be well.

We've created a worksite health model that achieves better patient engagement and delivers higher-value programs that sustainably improve health outcomes to worksites and distributed workforces.

Military Support

At Premise Health, we are committed to recruiting and developing military veterans because we value their knowledge, skills, and experience. The Premise Health Armed Forces Alliance offers resources to our veteran team members to ensure they have the tools to be successful. We rely on their mission-driven approach to help us achieve our mission – helping people get, stay and be well. We also offer a robust internal support system for military spouses and are part of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, because we understand that military families are serving our country too.

We believe respect is important. We have the courage to listen to everyone’s viewpoint. And we’re committed to providing the programs and support veterans need in their transition from military service.

Our Patient-First Approach

What sets Premise Health apart from community hospitals and doctor’s offices? Time. Our skilled medical professionals are empowered with the time they need to build relationships with their patients. Those relationships lead to better outcomes and healthier people. That's how we help people get, stay and be well.

2017 Year in Review

In 2017, our company and many of our team members were recognized for excellence in helping people get, stay and be well.

About Premise Health

“We know we provide better service to our clients and patients when we foster a team culture that thrives on working together to achieve a shared mission.” – Stuart Clark, Premise Health Chief Executive Officer

At Premise Health, we are on a mission to help people get, stay and be well. How do we accomplish that admittedly lofty goal? Our culture
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