Principle Health Systems
Happiness rating is 59 out of 100
3.2 out of 5 stars.
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About Principle Health Systems

Our employees ranked PHS an 8 out of 10 for BEST place to work!

According to a recent employee satisfaction survey, 90+% of employees... • Indicated that their managers provide good communication, support, and guidance! • Feel that PHS supports a healthy work-life balance, the workload is reasonable, and we provide flexible schedules! • Feel the leadership promotes an open-door policy! • Have a clear understanding of PHS’s mission and values! • Feel they are treated with kindness and respect! • Feel that PHS’s culture fosters a comfortable, supportive work environment! • Feel like a valued team member! • Are proud to work at PHS! 86% of employees see themselves still working with PHS in a year! 89% of employees would recommend PHS as a good place to work to their friends! Some direct quotes from employees are: • "I am constantly bragging on the efforts I see made by the leadership in this company to attain staff and make this a great place to work." • "Love my job and love working for PHS. Best job I've ever had! Hard work is rewarded!" • "I see this company headed in the right direction. I have seen action taken where it was needed to get things done. Administration listens to the employees and takes what they say under consideration. I love the fact that they listen!" • "This company has high expectations. This is awesome. Everyone is treated fairly." • "I think this company is great, I really like the communication within the company and its employees. I feel like I always know what is happening or changing with the company and I really appreciate that, because it makes me feel like I'm a part of PHS." • "My manager has always gone above and beyond to help me be successful in my current job position." • "I like how the company understands we are human and have emergencies and the company actually understands you as an individual!" • "Everyone here is great. I really appreciate the opportunity to talk with my leaders when necessary and not have to wait weeks for an appointment to chat." • "I have always felt extremely heard by my bosses. I also feel very up to date on company policy changes whether they apply to me or not."