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Your passion, inspiration and talents are invaluable to us and our mission to serve others. Our facility can provide a place for you to thrive and continue your professional development.

Quality Healthcare is our passion, improving lives is our reward. We are working to change lives and transform the delivery of education. In this endeavor, we uphold the following values:

• Students are our top priority: We are determined to be responsive and compassionate to the needs of those in our care.

• Uncompromised standards: We are dedicated to the highest standards of quality, talent and ethics.

• Community investment: We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of the communities we serve.

Employee Benefits

Provo Canyon School offers healthcare, life insurance and disability benefits to help meet the needs of employees and their families. As our employee, you may be eligible to choose from a comprehensive list of benefits and select those that best meet the needs of you and your family. Among the benefits available to eligible employees are:

• Medical

• Dental

• Vision

• Insurance and income protection

• Retirement and savings

• Flexible Spending Accounts


Provo Canyon School, founded in 1971 is accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by the State of Utah to provide Residential Treatment to youth between the ages of 8 and 18. We are known for our comprehensive programs that provide a wide range of individualized and compassionate care to the students and families we serve. We are committed to providing innovative, evidence-based therapeutic interventions, academic instruction, and life-skills training tailored to individual needs of each of our students. Each Provo Canyon School campus provides a wide range of clinical modalities, supports, resources and structure to insure our ability to treat the variety of individual needs represented by our diverse student body.

The Provo Canyon School staff is comprised of highly trained professionals who work together as an interdisciplinary team to provide coordinated care, support and guidance for each patient throughout treatment. Ongoing communication will occur throughout the course of treatment. Our staff also will collaborate with others involved in a child’s care, such as mental health providers, educators, community agencies and referral sources.


Provo Canyon School has long maintained a tradition of academic excellence within the residential treatment community. Accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools since 1973, we offer direct classroom instruction for students in grades 3-12.

Teachers are certified in their content area, and currently have or are working on a Special Education Licensure. We maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio in order to provide students individualized help in both core and elective classes.

Many students who come to Provo Canyon School have struggled with academic performance in a traditional school setting. We offer students the opportunity to work toward their full potential through a supportive academic environment that includes positive incentives for good grades, two week monitoring of each student’s academic progress, daily study hall time, access to individualized teacher help, and daily feedback on assignment completion. We also offer access to a library, and a career counseling center for high school students.

Provo Canyon School operates on a year-round, three semesters per year system. Providing three full semesters of coursework per year enables students who are credit deficient to work towards earning a high school diploma and provides opportunities for students to overcome learning gaps they may have encountered in their school experience.

Students attend class in a traditional setting: Monday through Friday, 5 ½ hours each day, typically enrolled in six classes and a study hall. Those enrolled in the elementary program will study subject matter in an environment similar to that of a public elementary school setting, yet with the supportive academic atmosphere already mentioned.

Provo Canyon offers a curriculum that is challenging yet attainable. Throughout the school’s history, we have emphasized the belief that students have the ability to learn, change, progress, and grow. We are thankful and proud to have played a small part in the lives of the thousands of students who have made these changes. Since 1971, Provo Canyon School was founded for the purpose of effecting change in the lives of students whose problems were serious to warrant residential placement. Throughout its forty plus year history, Provo Canyon School has emphasized the belief that a student has the ability to change, progress, and grow. The school is committed to academic services that are of high standard, individualized to the needs of each student, and that assist students in their achievement of educational goals while providing a safe therapeutic setting in which the student can learn.

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