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Quality Inn and Suites Employee Benefits

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Overall Benefits and Compensations

Benefits found on job postings

  • Flexible schedule
  • Employee discount
  • Paid time off
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance

9 benefit categories

94 reviews about benefits at Quality Inn and Suites


47% positive reviews

  • Health insurance
  • Vision insurance

Health insurance

The only reason I am looking elsewhere for employment is because there is no health insurance and the paid vacation time is very minimal. - view all

Front Desk Agent - Bradley, IL - Mar 21, 2019

Vision insurance

The employers are good too, benefit include dental, healthcare, vision. - view all

Front Desk Manager - Hollywood, FL - Jan 25, 2018

Details about Insurance

Health insurance (16 reviews)

44% of the reviews are positive

Vision insurance (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive


28% positive reviews

  • Paid time off
  • Paid jury duty

Paid time off

The shifts are 8 hour blocks only, with no paid time off, and if your shift cover is late you are required to remain working until someone can relieve you. - view all

Front Desk Agent - Missouri - May 26, 2019

Paid jury duty

One of my co-workers who went with me had jury duty and they fired him saying no call no show but he showed them proof 2 days prior - view all

Front Office Manager - Clearwater, FL - Jul 12, 2016

Details about Leave

Paid time off (28 reviews)

25% of the reviews are positive

Paid jury duty (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Flexibility at work

100% positive reviews

  • Work from home
  • Flexible schedule

Work from home

They expected me to work from home off the clock. - view all

Assistant General Manager - Wichita, KS - Aug 12, 2018

Flexible schedule

I loved working at the quailty flexible hours friendly environment - view all

Housekeeper - Pensacola, FL - Apr 26, 2019

Details about Flexibility at work

Work from home (2 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Flexible schedule (21 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive


100% positive reviews

  • Childcare


Even when it was said that it conflicted with my childcare, they did not care. - view all

Line Cook - Oneonta, NY - Feb 12, 2019

Details about Childcare

Childcare (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Health & wellness

100% positive reviews

  • Gym membership

Gym membership

An alright place to work,you get a free gym membership when working there. - view all

Night Auditor - Arnprior, ON - Mar 23, 2018

Details about Health & wellness

Gym membership (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Financial perks

73% positive reviews

  • Bonus pay
  • Employee discount
  • Quarterly bonus
  • Stock options

Bonus pay

Underpaid, undervalued, awful benefit options, poor managment, favoritism and no advancement, checks are wrong very often, was paid holiday pay over a month late - view all

Housekeeper/Laundry - Rock Springs, WY - Nov 9, 2018

Employee discount

The benefit of working a Quality Inn & Suites is that you receive an employee discount on rooms while traveling. - view all

Front Desk Agent - Augusta, GA - Oct 8, 2017

Quarterly bonus

Zero compensation package with quarterly bonus structure. - view all

Director of Sales and Marketing - Prescott, AZ - Jun 25, 2018

Stock options

Great establishment to work for, only improvements I would ask for from the company would be stock options. - view all

Night Auditor - Nacogdoches, TX - Nov 18, 2018

Details about Financial perks

Bonus pay (7 reviews)

57% of the reviews are positive

Employee discount (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Quarterly bonus (2 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Stock options (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive


0% positive reviews

  • Retirement plan

Retirement plan

It is a very stable job but there is no benefits such as health or 401k. - view all

Front Desk Agent - Mariposa, CA - Oct 2, 2018

Details about Retirement

Retirement plan (3 reviews)

0% of the reviews are positive


100% positive reviews

  • Food provided

Food provided

Free continental breakfast and all-day coffee are provided. - view all

Hotel Housekeeper - Pottstown, PA - Apr 22, 2019

Details about Meals

Food provided (21 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive

Other benefits

100% positive reviews

  • Employee mentoring program

Employee mentoring program

The choice training & development program helped to grow as a GM- operations & sales & to compete and also associated in a professional way with the good chain like Sarovar & local group hotels. - view all

Sales Executive - Hyderabad, Telangana - Mar 1, 2014

Details about Other benefits

Employee mentoring program (1 reviews)

100% of the reviews are positive