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Volunteering In Your Community

At RagingWire we take volunteering as a hands on approach. Literally. As an employee, you’ll take ownership in your own community to make things better for less fortunate by giving back. This is a core value we hold and encourage every employee to give back into the community. With dedicated Activity Committees, we develop new ideas, programs and charitable ways to give back to every community we do business in.

Veteran Hiring

At RagingWire Data Centers we are committed to hiring our Hero’s from either the day of transition to beyond. Awarded as a leader in Military hiring, RagingWire Data Centers continues to pave the way as a leader helping employ Military Veterans.

Celebration of a New Data Center

At RagingWire Data Centers we celebrate each new data center with an employee and customer celebration. Building a new data center takes effort in all our departments and we celebrate that success with a toast to a job well done!

About RagingWire Data Centers

The company was founded in the year 2000 to solve a problem – currently available data center solutions were not enterprise grade. At that time, companies would try to build and run their own data centers, but they lacked the expertise, scale, and budget to succeed. The result was enterprise data centers that were unreliable, underpowered, and too expensive.

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