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Although there are many reasons people choose to become therapists, the one factor that they all share is a desire to help others. Listen to our therapists share their stories and see if Kindred could be the right place for you to fulfill your career goals.

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This is Jason

Occupational Therapist Jason had a sister with cerebral palsy and he learned to appreciate the “impact of a therapist” on her daily life. Then he became a therapist so that he could help others.

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Jared's Career as a Physical Therapist

Jared is a recent graduate and a Physical Therapist at Kindred’s Texas Rehabilitation Hospital.

“I love physical therapy,” Jared added. “I love seeing the patients make progress. You know, everybody comes here for a different reason and everybody's in a different place when they get here. But our goal is ultimately to get every patient back home.”

“I love that I was able to learn from other therapists with more experience and have them mentor me and guide me through, developing my skills,” Jared said.

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Jackie's Career as a Speech Language Pathologist

Jackie is a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), also known as a Speech Therapist. She said that while her job can be very challenging, “seeing those successes, it’s pretty incredible.”

Another thing she likes most about her job at Kindred is that “you're constantly learning,” She added, “I've been here several years and I still, all the time, am learning… every single day.”

“I think that's why it's a great place to work for a therapist. There's nothing like someone being able to hear their voice for the first time.”

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