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on July 31, 2018
Rent A Center overall is not a bad place to work. It gives you a chance to interact with customers on a one on one basis which helps build the business. Like every company it has its up's and downs but at the end of the day the customer comes first.
Assistant Manager in Cary, NC
on May 23, 2015
I worked as an assistant manager for a store for about 7 months. In a typical week, you could expect to work from 9 AM to after 8 PM every single day, and you would NEVER get two days off in a row. The average work week would be over 50 hours, which is the only reason the pay was decent. As an assistant manager, the pay was only $11 an hour, but you would make time and a half for all the overtime you worked. Absolutely no work/life balance. I would request off for a Saturday and would be told no because that was supposed to be the busiest day for the store. I did not have a single Saturday off in 7 months. Aside from the hectic schedule and the mediocre pay, the customers were by far the worst part of working for this company. 95% of the clientele of this company has either no credit or bad credit, otherwise, they would be doing business with a retailer that offered credit based on credit worthiness. To say the least, getting an on-time payment from these customers was like pulling teeth...basically begging grown people to pay their bill on time. And when you were forced to repo something because of nonpayment, they would call you every name in the book. I had to get the police involved several times just to get the merchandise back. And you get absolutely no back up from the company when a customer did not pay. The company would basically blame you for the deadbeat customer's nonpayment. Ridiculous! Also, there was alot of heavy lifting up and down stairs, and I never received a single tip for a delivery because the customers were all broke, thieving deadbeats. If you have half a brain, you'll stay far away from this company.
Credit Manager in Cary, NC
on April 8, 2014
Let's go down the list, shall we? Work/life balance: In short, there is no balance. You work 50 hours (often more) each week with no exceptions. On a typical day, I would arrive to work at 8:45 and not leave until at least 8 PM. One thing the management "forgot" to mention is the fact that you never have two days off in a row. Saturdays were mandatory. Trust me, if you value your free time or time with your friends and family, steer clear of this place. Compensation: This is iffy at best. They start all Customer Account Reps off at $10.25 an hour.... Assistant Managers don't make much more at $11. The only reason the pay ended up being ok is because of the 10+ hours of overtime I had to put in every single week. Other than that, there is NO commission, even though you are expected to meet a certain quota in terms of sales. There are NO bonuses, unless you are a store manager.... they are salaried and start at about 40k. But when you factor in the overtime, the pay really wasn't at all fair for the amount of work this job required (more on that in a minute). Job Security and Advancement: I will say that there is job security, but I got the vibe that upper management was often desperate to keep even the most mediocre of employees around due to the high turnover rate. I worked there for only 10 months, and in that time, all but one of the employees in my store found new jobs and left. As far as advancement, the district managers always had an eye out for anyone who seemed to want their own store. Above and beyond the store management positions, I wouldn't say there is ample room to advance. Management: The management was a joke. Typical "I'll sit back and watch you do the work" kind of business, and the corporate management seemed to be ok with that attitude. Job Culture: Awful. Horrible. Pathetic. The customers were rude, entitled, and often aggressive and threatening. Keep in mind that a large part of this job is collections on past due accounts. Too much of my time at this job was spent haggling/arguing with people who had our merchandise but basically refused to pay for it. If you were lucky enough to get the merchandise back, it would be your responsibility to go to the "customer's" home (I say "customer" because a real customer pays for your merchandise; perhaps we should refer to them as thieves) and haul heavy furniture out on a dolly. 9 times out of 10, these people lived on the second or third floor of an apartment complex, so the job was really quite physical, nearly to the point of being back breaking. Customers were confrontational, often starting arguments and shouting matches over a delinquent payment or refusing to return merchandise upon request. Some of the homes I was forced to enter were disgusting. A lot of our mattresses had bed bugs... I could go on and on... The point is, if you get a job here, you have to go into work every day expecting an argument with the customers. ALL IN ALL.... steer clear of this place. I was lucky enough to find a much better job that is much less stressful.
Assistant Manager in Cary, NC
on January 7, 2013
Rent-A-Center seemed easy to work for but it wasn't fun. The job is very repetitive and you begin to feel like you harass customers which I didn't like. Sometimes it felt like your manager didn't know what he was doing when it came to hiring people. The only fun part about the job was not being stuck in the store all day at times.

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