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About Residents Medical Group, Inc.,

Residents Medical is an organization innovating ways to prepare medical students and graduates for medical residency and beyond. Preparation, Education, Consulting and Placement are the cornerstones of how we further your Graduate Medical Education and help you achieve your Dream Residency. Through a network of residency programs affiliated with top – 

Who Is Residents Medical?

Meet Dr. Patel: 2019 RM Dream Residency Success Story

Didn't Match for Residency? Learn how one of our candidates, Dr. Patel beat the odds and found his Dream Residency with the help of Residents Medical in our informative webinar.

Testimonial: Dr. Kamal

"My experience applying for residency as a non-traditional foreign medical school graduate was a difficult one. I applied to the Match unsuccessfully twice with just two interviews to show for it. It was an extremely frustrating experience which left me questioning if residency was even a possibility for me. I heard about Residents Medical through an ad in a newspaper and set up an appointment. I was no longer alone in pursuit of my dream – I had someone to advocate on my behalf. Residents Medical assisted in securing many interviews for me and provided me with a research opportunity at a Family Medicine residency program. I matched this year and I will forever be indebted to the Residents Medical team for making this happen for me. My only regret is that I didn’t contact them sooner."

Testimonial: Dr. Dee

“I am a U.S. citizen who graduated from international medical school. I had so much difficulty in getting into residency and I lost all hope until someone recommended Residents Medical. Joining Residents Medical was the best decision that I made and it was life changing. They helped me study for my USMLE Step 3 with a one-on-one tutor, endorsed me for research fellowship position in a highly reputable hospital, and arranged intensive one-on-one interview prep that helped me gain the confidence that I needed. I know that I would have never Matched without them. I have already recommended Residents Medical to all my friends and to any medical graduate that gets stuck in getting into residency program.”