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Accessibility, disability and accommodation at Rock Medical Group

What are the disability support policies like at Rock Medical Group? Are the working hours flexible at Rock Medical Group? Is there company support for accessibility, disability and accommodation at Rock Medical Group?

COVID-19 and Rock Medical Group

How did Rock Medical Group respond to COVID-19? Explore insights about response time, employee approval, and vaccination policy.

COVID-19 approval

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Do you approve of the leadership response to COVID-19?
Not enough data0%

COVID-19 vaccination policy

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Are people required to be vaccinated against COVID-19?
Not enough data0%

Paid time off and sick leave at Rock Medical Group

What’s it like to use your paid time off at Rock Medical Group? Learn about requesting and using paid time off, annual paid sick days and whether sick days reset yearly.

Sick days

How many paid sick days did you get per year?
No paid sick days100%
1-5 days0%
6-10 days0%
11 or more days0%
I don’t know0%
From 10 Indeed user responses

Sick day reset

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Do your paid sick days reset each year?
Not enough data0%

PTO use

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How much of your paid time off did you use?
Not enough data0%

PTO request

It’s easy to request PTO at Rock Medical Group.
Strongly disagree34%
Strongly agree28%
From 29 Indeed user responses

Support and disability accommodations at Rock Medical Group

How are employees with disability supported at Rock Medical Group? Explore insights about disability policy, support during the interview process and support for hidden disability.

Interview support

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Disability support was offered during the interview process.
Not enough data0%


My work environment feels inclusive and respectful of all people.
Strongly disagree28%
Strongly agree36%
From 25 Indeed user responses

Disability support policy

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I know the company policy on accommodations for disability.
Not enough data0%

Hidden disability

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I know what support is available for people with hidden disability.
Not enough data0%

Work-life balance and flexibility at Rock Medical Group

Does the management at Rock Medical Group support professional development? Discover insights about flexibility, leaving during the day and going to appointments.

Flexible hours

Are your working hours flexible?
From 35 Indeed user responses


My work has the time and location flexibility I need
Strongly disagree20%
Strongly agree50%
From 30 Indeed user responses

Planned leave

Can you leave for a planned appointment during the workday?
From 49 Indeed user responses

Personal leave

Can you leave for personal reasons during the workday?
From 44 Indeed user responses

Q&A about Accessibility, Disability and Accommodation at Rock Medical Group

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