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Professional development at Rock Medical Group

How easy is it to get promoted at Rock Medical Group? How often do you get a pay raise at Rock Medical Group? Would employees recommend working at Rock Medical Group?

Training at Rock Medical Group

What do employees think about the learning and development opportunities at Rock Medical Group? Explore insights about training options and skills development.

Skills development

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I have opportunities to learn and improve my skills
Not enough data0%


I often learn something at work
Strongly disagree17%
Strongly agree47%
From 30 Indeed user responses

Training options

Do you have access to training options?
From 29 Indeed user responses

L&D budget

Do you have a budget for learning and development?
From 29 Indeed user responses

Pay raises and promotions at Rock Medical Group

What do employees think about getting promoted at Rock Medical Group? Learn about career advancement, internal promotion policy and pay raises.

Raise frequency

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How often do you get pay raises?
Not enough data0%

Promotion policy

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Internal promotions are preferred over hires
Not enough data0%

Promotion positioning

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I was positioned for promotion or career advancement
Not enough data0%

Ease of promotion

It’s easy to get a promotion here
Strongly disagree30%
Strongly agree30%
From 10 Indeed user responses

Management and culture at Rock Medical Group

Does the management at Rock Medical Group support professional development? Discover insights about autonomy, career growth and management ratings.

Decision making

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I have enough autonomy to make decisions
Not enough data0%

Manager rating

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Rate your recent manager
Not enough data0%

Career growth

My manager cares about my career growth
Strongly disagree27%
Strongly agree33%
From 15 Indeed user responses

Support at work

There are people at work that give me support
Strongly disagree27%
Strongly agree48%
From 33 Indeed user responses

Moving on from Rock Medical Group

Why do people leave Rock Medical Group? Read about employee happiness, reasons for leaving and whether people would recommend working here.


I feel a sense of belonging in my company
Strongly disagree25%
Strongly agree46%
From 24 Indeed user responses

Work happiness

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I feel happy at work most of the time
Not enough data0%

Job satisfaction

Overall, I am completely satisfied with my job
Strongly disagree36%
Strongly agree52%
From 25 Indeed user responses

Reason to leave

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Why would you leave?
Not enough data0%

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