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How has this company responded to COVID‑19?
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Securitas and COVID-19
How has Securitas responded to the coronavirus? See insights and explore hiring and work from home policies.
Hiring status
Likely Hiring
From 934 Indeed user responses
Leadership approval
50% approve of the crisis response
From 822 Indeed user responses
Work from home status
From 675 Indeed user responses
Sick leave policy
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How has Securitas responded to COVID-19?
Statement from Securitas
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Do you approve of how leaders at Securitas have acted to protect the health of workers during the COVID-19 outbreak?
1,552 of 3,246
survey respondents saidYes
Is Securitas still hiring new workers during the COVID-19 outbreak?
2,909 of 3,737
survey respondents saidYes
Can people in your role at Securitas take paid sick days during the COVID-19 outbreak?
938 of 2,963
survey respondents saidYes
To your knowledge, are office workers at Securitas still expected to work from the office location during the COVID-19 outbreak?
1,813 of 2,749
survey respondents saidYes
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How has Securitas responded to the COVID-19 outbreak?
Worst job rastst employes if a employee has a issue no one helps
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Is Securitas hiring new workers during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Security Guard (Unarmed) in Plano, IL
Yes because they try to hire as many people as possible but after they realize what the companies like they quit
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What roles at Securitas can work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Ed Specialist in San Leandro, CA
None enless your with HR at a headquarters location
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