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About Seraphic Group, Inc

WHY WE EXIST: We are here to offer an open invitation to connect to nature and embrace its design for regenerative systems and solutions. By awakening the wonder of connection that exists at all levels - within our biological systems, within our communities, and between humanity and nature - we can co-create a healthier, more vibrant future for – 
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Our Companies

*Seraphic's 4 areas of excellence:  JOIH, ION* Farmers Footprint and Global Dynamics
Our companies span the areas of health, energy and ecology and continue to explore, discover, innovate, and expand into the world. Be sure to explore each area with wonder and curiosity. The Journey of Intrinsic Health: ION* Intelligence of Nature: Resource Dynamics: Farmer's Footprint:

Join Our Team

• Have you ever dreamed about working for a company that prioritizes people? • Have you ever experienced being part of a team that has fun together WHILE getting the job done? • What about being a part of a movement where you are trusted, valued, and appreciated? We have all of THIS…and so much more, and we’re just waiting for you to join our team. A Brief Glimpse of our Benefits: • The Company pays 100% of the Insurance Benefits. (Team Member & Family) • 4 weeks of medical leave at 100% of pay to cover sickness for yourself or to care for a family member. • A wellness stipend that we offer monthly for doing normal every day active things. • 3 weeks of Paid Time Off from DOH. • Every other Friday off. • Professional development, coaching and training. • 401K options • We come into the building for collaboration and connection, but we work mostly from home! • Monthly connection events where we serve the community, celebrate the team, and just have fun BEING together. Impact. Inspiration. Innovation. It all begins with Nature. Science. The Great Design. How we connect to all of it means we can co-create a healthier, more vibrant future for the planet and its people.

A Year in the Life

A few glimpses of our team doing 'all the things'.
Our team loves to serve the community, to celebrate each other, and to play! Here are a few examples; School supply collection and distribution for the local elementary schools, a few fun workshops that allowed us to explore, create, and play. We love hiking together, coming together for outdoor team appreciation events, morning tea, and celebration dinners!

How We Show Up Daily

Team Player  Elevates and supports others in whatever way most benefits the team and the company.  ​  ​ Adaptable:​ Embraces new ideas and challenges as opportunities.   ​ Solution-Oriented:  Takes initiative by offering solutions to challenges as they arise.   ​ Integrity: ​ Always does their best and supports and empowers others to do the same.  ​  ​ Growth-Minded:  Seeks to grow in expertise and knowledge and takes responsibility for their growth and personal improvement.   ​ Playful: Is fun to be around and reminds others not to take work too seriously! 

What's Our Hiring Process?

Our hiring process from the Application/Resume all the way through to Onboarding!
We are 100% dedicated to making this an enjoyable experience for those that express an interest in our mission. We value clear communication and timeliness in our responses and next steps. We are committed to finding the right candidate, and sometimes that means building our pipeline. A not right now, is never a no. We believe there is a time and place for everything. We hope to build our network and create opportunities for future connections. We encourage you to take the time to apply, to reach out, and to explore all the possibilities.