Sound Transit: We are connecting more people to more places.

We're always looking for employees with passion and talent. Sound Transit offers a competitive benefits package and a chance to make a positive impact on the region's environment and quality of life.

Our values include collaboration, customer focus, inclusion and respect, safety, integrity, and quality. These values guide us in helping connect more people to more places.

About Sound Transit

Sound Transit is transforming how the Central Puget Sound region moves by planning, building and operating regional transit systems that give millions of riders an alternative to sitting in traffic. As the agency prepares for nearly a million new Central Puget Sound residents by 2040, transit services are expanding to meet today’s growing needs.

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  • Northgate 🚈 Station is going ☝️ fast! Check out today's story for more 📷!
  • Looking back at '06 readying the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel for 🚈. In one month, 🚌 come out and it will be only 🚈. #tbt
  • We ❤️ snow. Well, we did 4 days ago. Now, not so much. Happy Valentine’s Day! #Snowpacalypse2019
  • repost via @instarepost20 from @urbmonger With most roads impassable and most bus service cancelled, Link Light Rail operated normal service with just a few brief interruptions during Seattle’s snowiest month in 50 years. 
#lightrail #linklightrail #soundtransit #seattlesnow #seattlesubway #urbanism #resilientcities
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