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Our Company

Standex International (NYSE:SXI), based in Salem, NH, manufactures a variety of products and services for diverse market segments. The Company has 12 operating units, organized into five reporting segments: Food Service Equipment Group, Engraving Group, Engineering Technologies Group, Electronics Group and Hydraulics Group. The Company’s strategy is to drive growth and build larger industrial platforms by leveraging the combined strengths of our businesses to better penetrate current markets and to enter new geographic and vertical markets. Through our value creation system Standex will continue to acquire businesses that are synergistic with our current operating groups in order to create and sustain strong shareholder value. The Company employs approximately 5,400 men and women throughout the U.S. and in several foreign countries. International locations include Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Europe, Mexico, India, Turkey, South Africa, South Korea, Russia, Malaysia and Singapore. Since its founding in 1955, Standex has become known for its ability to acquire and effectively manage superior companies in diverse markets. Standex’s diversification across multiple lines of business has enabled the Company to achieve earnings consistency throughout market and economic cycles. Our Vision We have a long-term objective to create sizable business platforms by adding strategically aligned or “bolt on” acquisitions to strengthen the individual businesses, create both sales and cost synergies with our core business platforms, and accelerate business unit growth and margin improvement. We have a particular focus on identifying and investing in opportunities that complement our products and will increase the global presence and capabilities of our businesses. From time to time, we have divested, and likely will continue to divest, businesses that we feel are not strategic or do not meet our growth and return expectations. By maintaining a diverse and strong portfolio of businesses, we are well-positioned to sustain strong shareholder value. Through execution of our value creation system, we have paid dividends each quarter since Standex became a public corporation in 1964. Standex has acquired and continues to acquire businesses that are strategically significant to the future growth prospects of the Company. In 2016, Standex acquired Northlake, a Wisconsin-based designer, manufacturer and distributor of high reliability electromagnetic products and solutions serving the North America power distribution and medical equipment markets. In early 2017, the Company acquired Horizon Scientific, a supplier of laboratory refrigerators and freezers, as well as cryogenic equipment for the scientific, bio-medical and pharmaceutical markets to enhance Standex’s penetration of the refrigeration markets in the growing scientific sector. In the latter half of 2017, the Company acquired all of the outstanding shares of OKI Sensor Device Corporation from OKI Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Now named Standex Electronics Japan Corporation, the acquisition enhances the Company’s access to important Asian markets and enables the Company to offer a world class suite of reed switches and related magnetic solutions while continuing to serve Standex Electronics Japan’s diverse distribution channels. In line with the Company’s strategy, each of these acquisitions strengthened Standex’s market leadership, enabled the Company to pursue new growth opportunities, and provided significant operational synergies. Standex plans to leverage the combined strengths of these businesses to further penetrate current markets and to enter new geographic and vertical markets. Standex will continue to make acquisitions that are synergistic with its current operating groups, and that can add to Standex’s core strength and quickly contribute to profitability.

Our History

Standex began as the quintessential New England company, with deep local roots, a culture of stability and a commitment to conservative management. Our Company was founded in 1955 by John Bolten, a successful German entrepreneur. Originally, he was in the business of manufacturing plastic combs in Andover, Massachusetts. That business evolved into a vinyl sheeting company, which he operated under the name of Bolta Plastics. Bolten sold Bolta Plastics to General Tire Company, providing the capital for his acquisition of the Standard Publishing Company, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based publisher of religious books and magazines, and Roehlen Engraving, a Rochester, New York-based engraver of embossing plates and rolls for texturization. The two businesses were merged to form Standard International, later renamed Standex International Corporation. Over the years, we have built a unique history and a rich legacy of diversity by acquiring a wide range of companies or businesses. Our company contributed to the early development of a famous designer’s clothing empire; we made Lestoil a household name on six continents; and we participated in writing instruments manufacturer A.T. Cross becoming a public company. Along the way, Standex – the corporate name we adopted in 1973 – increasingly came to be known for its engineering capabilities. Today, we operate manufacturing plants and distribution facilities throughout the U.S. and in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, India, Turkey, South Africa, Singapore and Europe. At our last fiscal year end (June 30, 2010), we numbered 3,800 employees, of which 2,200 were in the U.S. We are proud of our 46-year history as a public company and 41-year history with a New York Stock Exchange listing, where we have one of the longest uninterrupted records of paying quarterly dividends. While our company has evolved in its portfolio and global reach, our culture has not. We remain committed to stability, and many of the businesses we acquired in our early years continue as part of the Standex family. Our present headquarters in Salem, New Hampshire are but a few miles from our original location in Andover. Standex has had only five CEOs in its history: Dan Hogan, Mr. Bolten’s son-in-law; Tom King; Ted Trainor; Roger Fix, our current Chairman; and David Dunbar, our current President and Chief Executive Officer. Most importantly, we remain committed to holding a diverse portfolio of companies that provide value to our shareholders.

What We Do

Standex International's five divisions and their business units are dedicated to solving customer problems through custom crafted solutions. This is achieved through our people leading efforts through the dynamic capabilities, and diverse industrial manufacturing product & service offerings we provide. You may not see us directly in your everyday world, but the applications we serve can be witnessed throughout the global billions of times a day. You would recognize us with our reed based or magnetics component via our Electronics division helping a car measure fluid levels, a dishwasher functioning, coffeemaker brewing for a day's start, or power management in a military or aerospace device. Perhaps you've enjoyed a pizza our Food Service Equipment Group provided to bake that and other goods, the walk-in freezer or merchandiser for storing food, fryer preparing appetizers, or pumps to obtain your beverage. Our Hydraulics group serves efforts to assist in pushing dumpster or refuse operations. You may have sat in a vehicle our Engraving group provided the surfaces for, or experienced other textures they produce for customers. The Engineering Technologies Group provides domes and lipskins for aviation and space applications you may have glanced over, but are an essential part of the overall process. These are a small amount of examples of where Standex plays in the global market. We are a present part of your everyday world that you may not always see, but are a critical part of the larger applications we serve. Without our engineering solutions, design, tooling, products, and service solutions - a vehicle may not start, plane take off, home heat and cool as needed, consumer electronics turn off and on, or medical device scan properly. Our teams are dedicated to solving problems for customers through our values, innovation, and craftsmanship.

What We Believe

We believe in delivering the most innovative and resourceful option of quality for customers, being an engaged solution provider, living our values, evolving our offerings for the better, growth with integrity, and being involved in our communities. Standex has been providing solutions through high-performing products, and helping customers solve problems since the 1950’s. Through growth, acquisition, strategically partnering with customers, and applying the latest engineering designs to the needs of our ever-changing world, our technology ultimately provides quality results to the end-user. Our values and what we believe align to the partner, solve, and deliver® approach to help customers solve the toughest of challenges through innovative solutions. We produce parts but we are more than that. Connecting with your team as strategic partner, listening to your challenges, and arriving with ways to solve your complex problems through our solutions are why we exist. Our approach that fuels this customer first attitude is achieved by: 1. Partnering with the customer 2. Confronting a challenge to solve 3. Delivering solutions and products that address your needs as a business. Values: -Accountability -Integrity -Teamwork -Innovation

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