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752 questions about working at Starbucks

752 questions
  • They phone screen and pile all the questions in rather than asking for a formal interview

    Answered April 29, 2021
  • The best part of Starbucks in the incredible tasting beautiful aroma of medium roared Veranda to start a UPSers dayTOPNOTCH morning awake CEO doing and incredible job in bravery honor loyalty and sacrifice as a leader distributing award winning coffee and infrastructural line of safety to establishments throughout NYS Doing a great job

    Answered March 1, 2021
  • Rough. They want you to arrive at the store 30 minutes before your shift and you just sit around. You get ready, clock in (not a minute before your shift starts!) and you immediately go to your assigned space (there is a lot of pressure, not a single second can be wasted!). Then you do as many tasks as you possibly can as quickly as possible. If a mistake is made, you are the worst in their minds. You are yelled at by your coworkers and the customers if not everything is picture perfect in the very little time you have. It is not a good job if you are sensitive to pressure.

    Answered December 6, 2020
  • They scheduled me whenever they wanted. I didn’t have any set days off. Some weeks, I had 9 hours, other weeks, I had 24. I was hired with the expectation of 30-40 hours a week. I never got that in all the time I worked there. They expect you to come in on your days off and are angry when you call out sick.

    Answered December 6, 2020
  • The company does not provide a large enough budget for staffing needs. We operated on a 4 person play (on the floor), and we needed at least 6. It is chaotic, stressful, and not fun - and quite frankly un-necessary. For a billion dollar company, please provide enough staff.

    Answered September 6, 2020
  • Unfortunately - yes. You can pick and choose your own hours. I was a Store Manager, who hired a team based off of their availability. Then - everyone suddenly couldn't work weekends, or Friday nights etc. I declined the availability change - and the the DM approved it! And told me to hire more people who could fit into those available time frames in which I need more people (i.e Sundays especially). I did that - then those staff members requested an availability change again - and I declined, and the process started over. Needless to say - staff can literally pick and choose their entire schedule. As great as it is for Baristas - it is an absolute nightmare for Store Managers. I was working 60 hour weeks - and then clearly I found a new job!

    Answered September 6, 2020
  • The shifts I got were usually 5 and a half hours so they could avoid giving us a lunch at 6 hours. You get a 10 minute break whenever the shift supervisor decides its your turn, but most of them are pretty nice about it if you ask politely. My main problem with hours was that one week I would have almost 30 hours but the next I'd suddenly be down to 15 hours so it was very hard to budget around that not knowing how much I'd actually be working.

    Answered February 23, 2019
  • As a Store Manager - staffing. Employees literally get to change their schedule availability and the SMs are required to adjust and make it work for them. This makes SMs work 60+ hours per week. The Assistant Store Managers are hourly paid - so cannot work more than 40 hours, so the ASMs unfortunately cannot help much in this area.For Baristas - the fast pace, and getting yelled at when you run out of product. Getting assigned to one position WAY too long (for example - doing endless hours on BAR). For Shift Supervisors - doing all the work that the manager (should) be doing - but the company wants to give that responsibilities to these shift supervisors (AND) at the same time you need to run the floor, and work the floor. So - you do the food orders, receiving the food orders, do inventory counts daily, pull and thaw food, hold baristas responsible for their job, assign baristas their stations, manage the floor. Pretty much you are getting paid low wage to be a manager.I'm a Store Manager - and would much rather be doing my own work, than assigning it to the Shift Supervisors. Instead, I'm just standing around being a "barista" making drinks.It is a backwards company.

    Answered September 6, 2020
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