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Finally, a new choice for internet.

Internet is amazing. But the quality of service we get isn’t: it’s expensive, it’s confusing, and it’s offered by the same handful of service providers. We created Starry because we believe everyone deserves a better choice. And that’s exactly what we aim to deliver: fast, gigabit-capable internet that just works,
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  • His interests include: ignoring you, charging you more money, and digging up your streets.⁣
  • Is that a superhero on the roof? Yes.⁣⠀
  • If you’re into data caps then I guess we can’t be friends.
  • Shannon W., our HR generalist in charge of benefits, culture and, well, everything, has had "nine lives" with her career. So why Starry? “Everything I do is humanity-focused. That's why I wanted to work here, because of everything we believe when it comes to access to internet.” #StarrySpotlight
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