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About STT Security Services

Company History

STT was founded in 1973 by Dave Rusch, a former Police Officer in Lansing, MI. Rusch left the public sector to fill what he felt was a lack of quality services in the security, investigative, and business loss-prevention sectors.
In its infancy, STT’s core was comprised of Private Investigative and Retail Loss-Prevention services. Due to a strong reputation of integrity and professionalism, STT’s offerings quickly expanded to include security personnel in hospitals, shopping centers, and industrial locations. The expansion into these sectors continued into the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.
In the time since then, our business has evolved into a national organization with clients stretching coast to coast. We now have multiple divisions that cater to every niche of the security industry. Our personnel are thoroughly trained, rigorously-vetted, and exemplify our high professional standards. Our investigative services cover criminal and civil matters, insurance and workman’s compensation claims, and a variety of areas applicable to nearly every business.
Founder Dave Rusch retired in April of 2017 at which time three long term employees of the company purchased the business. STT is proud to remain a privately owned Michigan based corporation.

How do we hire our staff?

We take pride in hiring only the most qualified personnel for our business. The process is admittedly lengthy, but we want to ensure every person brought on-board meets the standards we uphold. Before being assigned to a role within STT, applicants must:
- Complete a detailed application for employment
- Comply with minimum physical standards
- Complete a pre-interview questionnaire
- Complete a preliminary screening interview
- Undergo a customized STT Integrity Interview
- Have previous employers contacted as a reference check
- Pass a background screening (background check)
- Comply with all state and local licensing requirements
- Be photographed and receive individual STT identification
- Complete a pre-employment drug test and agree to participation in random drug screening processes
- Be approved by the client they will be assigned to
- Complete any additional required training per contract
Our most thorough of pre-employment procedures is our personality test. Consisting of 90 questions, it showcases an employees’ likelihood for turnover, their productivity score, work effort, service and support skills, and their counterproductive work behaviors. Combining these results with a pre-screening interview, an integrity interview, and a supervisor or hiring manager’s recommendation, our employees irrefutably earn their role within our organization.

How is our staff trained?

STT Security has a history of implementing customizable, state of the art training and lifelong learning for our employees company-wide. We pride ourselves on providing opportunities for our employees to better themselves in their current positions and for positions they aspire to within our company. For these reasons, we have implemented a comprehensive STT E-Learning Training Resources (LTR) program.
Our training is accessible from any device in the country that can connect to the Internet (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.). Our officers take the training at their own pace and only have to complete it by a predetermined deadline. They are able to save their progress and pick up where they left off if they are unable to complete a training course in one session. The training software sends friendly reminders to the officer’s email when a deadline is approaching to assist them with meeting the training deadline.
This enhancement to our training procedures grants us the ability to give our employees the skills they need to successfully perform their duties. STT’s LTR also allows us to distribute training materials to our employees instantaneously. Whether it is taking on new clients, changing site level procedures, or adding additional training, LTR makes the process seamless and fluid. The user-friendly interface makes it so our staff is able to receive documents, presentations, video learning, and other forms of training media in a streamlined and effective way.
At STT, one of our most valued principles is being an employee-centered organization. The LTR training platform allows for continuous improvement among all employees, providing them with the tools they need to better themselves on and off the job. The LTR is a true investment in our employees which allows us to better serve our diverse clients nationwide.

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Service Award Recognition Program

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