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What is the work environment and culture like at Subway?

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  • The work environment is not good. It can get super fast during rushes and it's difficult to work in a small space like that. None of my co workers got along, honestly don't know who hires such horrible lazy people. Plus they were racist, my managers would judge people of color by their name alone. Maybe if you didn't work on a highway with good co workers it wouldn't be that bad.

  • When working for a franchise it depends on the owner, and how they choose to run the restaurant. Favoritism and silly politics is almost guaranteed. Some are very professional. Some are lackadaisical. However, when working for a corporate owned restaurant, they are definitely on top of everyone. Recognition will be given where it is deserved, and those who do not perform will be terminated or get their hours cut. I have found that when working for a corporate owned restaurant, there is more room for growth (and pay) if you do your job well and professionally.

  • Subway is a teenage workplace. Many call in sick and many dont show up for their shifts. Not having a manager for the time I have worked there everything tends to fall onto me and I am not the manager. District managers dont really care about anything and only act when the owners are involved. Lots of favoritism and It is just a drama filled situation. Ignore all of that and the job itself isnt bad. Laid back and calm until lunch rush or dinner rush. Hoping that everyone before you did their job and you have enough prep to last through the day. Good job for teenagers. Not so much for people trying to get somewhere after high school.

  • I find its unprofessional. Not once have they checked the temperature they just wrtie what ever they please on tempeture logs. Coworkers are rude and unprofessional to each other. Makes for an uncomfortable environment to work in. Secdual is never consitiant. Training differs from person to person. One person tells you to do things one way an another person tells u not to do that way.
    Very horribile experiance. I needed to the as a in the middel to make money id rather clean up vomit then ever work for this comapny again. Never saw where the tips would go. Unclean practicies. Where is corprate in this to regulate and watch what really goes one. Belitteling emplyess and bedgering them. I cant stress enpugh how Completely unprofessional.

  • Busy and india

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  • It's very fast paced and feels alot of pressure

  • Awesome very clean and optimistic

  • Pretty laid back.

  • Subway is owned in franchises so it will be different anywhere for me I was the manager at mine and everyone looked to me for help more than my district manager. She wouldn’t fire anyone and would act super petty towards you if you made her mad which is super unprofessional especially for a 40 year old woman. If I wasn’t manager I would’ve left after 5 months but because I am I have some control of the place and can help the younger kids more than they would be getting helped if I wasn’t here. I recommend this for a first job because you’re only getting minimum wage but it is a fairly easy job it’s just a lot of hassle with upper management that comes with it

  • As a new hire with zero food service experience... it was overwhelming to be taught/trained on everything in 3 hours. If you're not able to multi-task then this job isn't for you. I get to practice sandwiches next week and whatnot.

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  1. What is the work environment and culture like at Subway?