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About SurePay

We are a fast-growing FinTech SaaS company founded by David-Jan Janse and Marcel Rienties and have secured our Series A funding in September 2021. SurePay stems from an innovation program of Rabobank, started in July 2016 and has been an independent BV since the beginning of 2020. SurePay is being backed by three leading investors, Rabo Frontier Ventures, – 

News & Updates

July 7, 2022
We are very proud to announce that SurePay has already performed 5 Billion checks! 40+ Banks and 150+ Corporates use our Confirmation of Payee solution to prevent fraud and errors. We continuously strive to improve and develop our solution. In this way we can protect Banks and Corporates even better in the future.

Introduction of SurePay by CEO David-Jan Janse @Irisday

Quarterly company meeting

A team photo of all present at the quarterly company meeting where we presented our new core values.

How SurePay Built a Secure Payments Verification System | Enginears Podcast

How did SurePay build a secure payments verification system that is capable of checking as much as 350,000 payment requests a day? In this podcast we talk about SurePay and their challenges around security, payments in the cloud, and scaling SurePay to handle HUGE amounts of payment security checks a day!

Building Societies Association Annual Conference

Our colleagues Adrian, Arthur, Richard and Louise present at the building societies conference.

4 o'clock session with SurePay's CEO David-Jan and Senior Developer Paul

Informal team dinner

An evening out with a select group of colleagues for an informal dinner together.

Interview with co-founder and CPO Marcel Rienties @Emerce financials '19 (Dutch)

Team photo at SurePay's quarterly meeting

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