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About System1

System1 is a publicly traded company (NYSE: SST) that combines best-in-class technology & data science to operate its advanced Responsive Acquisition Marketing Platform (RAMP). RAMP is omni-channel and omni-vertical, and built for a privacy-centric world. RAMP enables the building of powerful brands across multiple consumer verticals, development & – 
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About Us

System1 is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker: SST) that was founded in Venice, CA, with a simple mission — use technology to make advertising better and safer, while respecting consumer privacy. Our inspiration comes from groundbreaking prospect theory research by Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and his partner Amos Tversky. Their findings distinguish between two modes of thought: System 2, which is slower and more deliberate and System 1, which is fast, automatic and intuitive. System1 is led by a team of passionate and experienced entrepreneurs who have built multiple billion dollar companies. Since our founding, we have assembled an incredible group of data scientists and engineers dedicated to our mission, raised significant funding, made several strategic acquisitions, and expanded our offices around the world. And we are just getting started! Engineers on our team strike a balance between hacker-get-it-done and engineer-get-it-right mentality. If you’re driven by creativity, curiosity and initiative, and talented with data, UI, front-end, and back-end production, come innovate with us!


What's it like to work at System1? We work on solving hard problems together. Every day we challenge each other to go above and beyond to learn and to grow. We are fast-paced and driven and we expect people to bring their best everyday. We’re not afraid to try something new. From technology choices to algorithms to product features, we are constantly pushing each other to innovate, to be better. We are always learning from each other. From conferences and symposiums to courses and papers. We don’t hesitate to ask questions of our teammates, and we take the time to answer thoughtfully when questions are asked of us. The Values We Live By -Respect - All employees and customers treated with dignity -Transparency - Honest and direct communication and feedback -Ownership - Individual decision-making combined with accountability -Excellence - High standards from ourselves and from each other


Do We Have Great Perks? Of Course We Do. But that’s not why we work here, and if all you want are great perks, System1 may not be the place for you. We are at System1 because we want to work with the best people on the most challenging technical issues. If that appeals to you, we would love to hear from you. -Excellent Benefits -Weekly Happy Hour -Uber or Lyft to Work -Great Comp -Weekly Workouts -401k -Education Subsidy -Catered Lunches