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Why did you leave your job at T-Mobile?

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  • The main reason was the obvious favoritism and discrimination toward new hires. The retail positions truly enjoy feeding new hires to the wolves and watching them fail. They truly expect you to know everything day one and th be the best sales person as soon as you enter training. They do NOT pay well, as they've recently cut commission. You are not treated like a human. You're treated like a number in a system. I spoke to my manager multiple times about multiple issues. Each and every time, I was laughed out of the office for not "bleeding magenta".

  • My Team manager only helped out who they wanted to help out. My center in particular within my community management sometimes was too wrapped up in their own development or wasn't there for the night shift that we had to rely on other communities or floor support to help. They had their favorites and took them off the phone if they were having a rough day. I followed all the feedback that I was given to improve my metrics and still didnt get the personal development coaching because I didnt meet the "image" part. Management told us not to give adjustments but when you didnt and got a bad score they'll copy the rest of the management team and state that I should have just gave the adjustment to cover themselves. I left only because I got tired of playing cat and mouse (sending countless emails) with my management team to add back on promotions or do something that was within their scope and then get yelled at when they call back and get a different rep and they escalate to them.

  • After 5 years, management refused to promote me, but yet were constantly asking for my help. Too much favoritism & shadiness with those employees and management. One store manager was rehired after being fired for creating fraudulent business accounts. Horrible company. Stay away!!

  • I left to pursue a career as an elementary school teacher. I absolutely loved my time at TMobile and would do it all over again!

  • Company laid me off after 25 years of dedicated service without so much as a thank you.

  • Zero respect, too much high school drama, shady managers and district manager

  • Discrimination and Harrassment. My manager would constantly blame me for things going wrong in the store. On top of that i was promised that i could go to school and work. That was not the case . Also the tuition help is based off the manager and if they dont like you they will not help you. REAL REASON I QUIT, i tried to voice my concerns to my manager with my assistant manager as a witness. The conversation derailed and he refused to listen, so i simply said i was going to walk away and come right back in . Well the next day I got an email about how he felt threatened by me and when i called HR she said not to do anything that could get me arrested . Ive spoken to HR about all 3 of my pervious managers and they all have harrassed me and all have been discriminative. By far the worst company that i have ever worked for . You only get promoted if you become bestfriends with mangement or commit fraud on every account that you open!

  • They pay well but after so many years they will find a reason to fire you and get new employees at a cheaper rate. They act like they want to help but they really don't want long tenured employees who make 18,19,20 dollars an hour. They did this in mission callcenter and the others. They cant be trusted.

  • Favoritism. Stressful. Unrealistic goals and terrible upper management. Basically management freaks out and they scare supervisors. Supervisors freak out and they don't know what to do because they lack supervisory skills so the answer is to scare the agents. For two months I was scared into "doing better". Everyone was on edge, always. I had only struggled with one metric but once this started happening, I fell apart. All my metrics began to suffer, I had my first panic attack, thought my face was going to stay stuck to the side and had chest pains. I'm not the only one, everyone there is on anxiety pills or have doctor excuses because it's a terrible place to work. So scare tactics, improper conduct, high expectations with no effective plans to get there. I thought if I'd lay low then maybe they wouldn't notice and let me fix my metric on my own (which I was, slowly but surely) but there was a transition going on and they were trying to clean house so I became a target. Goes to show that they only paid attention until it was all falling apart and even then, gave the wrong kind of attention. Not helpful at all. I can attest to two agents being helpful while I was there and they were assistants to the supervisors, but paid like regular agents. Go figure. I wanted to like working there but the culture they claim to have is a lie. CEO seems like a cool dude with a good intention but I'm afraid they've fallen short at least to an agent level, which let's not forget, are the ones who take care of your customers.

  • T-mobile is an awesome company to work for with great benefits and perks however there is a big down side to this. First, management picks favorites based on if they think you can sell or not. No matter how long you worked at the company tenure doesn’t mean anything and you have to suck up and shoe shine to be promoted. If you don’t know anyone in the district good luck moving up. I have worked 7+ years and now you have to be a complete savage to be successful and move up.

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