Tapestry Health
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About Tapestry Health

TapestryHealth is one of the nation’s leading providers of medical care to the Skilled Nursing industry. We pioneered the expansion of telemedicine as a tool to allow our on-site and remote clinicians to efficiently see patients in more than one location. We were among the first to employ technology as a tool to enable nurses to increase the time – 

Our Mission and Goals

TapestryHealth exists to improve the lives and the care of our country’s most vulnerable patients – the residents of America’s skilled nursing facilities. It’s a formidable challenge but one we continue to meet with a blend of exemplary people, sophisticated technology, and an approach that starts not with the status quo, or what various agencies and insurance companies will “allow” us to do, but rather one that starts with what will serve the patient best. Then we figure how to deliver it. As pioneers in the field of remote medical care delivery, we know that technology is the key to delivering that care. As doctors and nurses, we know it’s critical to build strong, trusting, personal relationships with our patients. We place great emphasis on face-to-face care, giving our clinicians the authority to evaluate and treat their patients as they see fit, and supporting them with equally dedicated teams on nights and weekends. We have a team of specialists from a broad range of the sorts of medical disciplines most often needed in nursing homes, but rarely if ever found there. Face-to-face consults with cardiologist’s, pulmonologists, urologists, psychologists and more are just a phone call away. We believe in empowering clinicians to do what it takes to achieve our goals of improving the lives and healthcare of our patients and in giving them the tools to do it. At TapestryHealth, you’ll be in charge of your career. You’ll have the opportunity to grow your own practice, increase your income, and help more people, in more meaningful ways than you ever thought possible.

Benefits of TapestryHealth

TapestryHealth offers a unique opportunity for you if you’re the kind of professional who wants to deliver the hands-on care you were trained for, make the decisions that make a difference, and be in control of your own career. Here are just some of the reasons why: • Strong, clinical support team • 24/7 coverage of your patients • Access to an array of specialists on call • You decide how much time to spend with a patient, not a supervisor or an insurer • Flexibility to provide follow-up care as needed • The ability to grow your own practice without the risk of striking out on your own • Access to the industry’s most sophisticated digital and remote technology • A support team that’s monitoring your patent’s vitals, connecting the dots patient by patient and facility-wide, and alerting you to potentially high-risk patients • Health insurance • Dental insurance • Vision insurance • Life insurance • 401(k) • Unrestricted earning potential • Continuing education program • Paid time off • Flexible schedule • Referral program