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Why did you leave your job at Target?

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  • Target wastes employees time with endless overstock and massive trucks to unload. there is no rhyme or reason to what comes in on freight and often times things come in that cannot be sold simply because Target doesn't sell them. The Executive Team Leads are completely ineffective leaders who expect you to work yourself to death. the team leads changed CONSTANTLY. my coworkers were generally nice though, lots of laughs but also many many days spent saying "it is what it is."

  • I left because like others have mentioned there is a lot of favoritism going on. Even if you offer yourself to work other departments that your job title includes or you simply prefer to work another department, they will deny you. They will over use you if you are seasonal and sometimes not be fair to you compared to other employees that started same time or even after you.

  • I left my job at target because there was no room for advancement and lots of favoritism. Also the hours were horrible.

  • After two years there was zero advancement. If you aren’t favorited by upper management you will not be promoted.

  • I left because they didn’t put me into the electronics department like I’ve asked several times! Nobody wants to bag groceries FOREVER it’s a good job when you need one but I moved on to another job

  • For me they didn’t let me grow in the company , I asked and asked to be put in electronics and they didn’t do anything so I left , nobody wants to bag groceries FOREVER

  • Terrible place to work if you want a peaceful environment or hours. Management doesn’t listen to anything you say, they go off other people’s “hear say”. Also had to contact corporate for lack of hours, and then was promised to be scheduled More by Hr just for them to cut my hours. They are constantly hiring new people and giving them a full work weekly hours while everyone else’s is cut

  • I left target coz of many reasons...I got hired as a seasonal associate, when I started I was assigned to be trained by another target employee who thinks she’s the manager. If she thinks she’s so great then why work at target only as an associate, just saying. Some associates are so lazy that when you’re not looking after your uboat another associate will put some of their uboat stuff in yours. I don’t get lots of hours, too. Like they only give me 4 hours per shift and then for just a few days a week. I kept showing up for more than 3 months, and I was waiting for them to tell me that they are keeping me but then my hours were not getting better...I had to leave coz I need more hours and days...

  • People kept walking off the job and wouldn't come back for 20+ minutes. I would have to work for those who walked off.
    I complained to my superiors, but excuses after excuses from the coworkers that just do not add up made me decide this was not a permanent job.

  • I left because no matter how much you get done it's never enough. They'll schedule you for multiple departments with heavy freight, give you not enough hours on the schedule to complete it all, then lecture you on time management. All the time blowing up your walkie-talkie asking if you're done yet every 20 minutes. Management is by and large lazy, preferring to hang out in the office or receiving as opposed to on the floor helping anyone. And many get mad if they have to step in and handle any of the freight themselves. Their favorite words are "corrective action", and "escalation ". They prefer to demoralize as opposed to backing and supporting their teams.

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