Taylor Commercial Foodservice
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About Taylor Commercial Foodservice

Our roots trace back to 1926 and a humble ice cream shop run by a certain Charles Taylor. He'd grown weary of the painfully slow process of making ice cream. So, he turned the world upside down by inventing the very first automatic batch ice cream freezer. When news of his invention spread, Charles quickly found himself in the equipment manufacturing – 

Built to Serve

Why do so many businesses put their trust in Taylor equipment? It starts with breakthrough engineering, exceptional service and a worldwide distributor network.

Taylor Company Products

Check out a few of the products we make right here in Rockton, IL! This is our two sided commercial grill and the multi-flavor soft serve machine. We are known for customizing our products to the needs of our customers.


In 2018, Taylor was selected to join the prestigious Middleby family of brands.

Rockton, IL

Headquartered in Rockton, IL, our global reach includes over 160 distributors in 125 countries.

Soft Serve

Taylor machines are known for being forward-thinking, productive, and user-friendly.