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About The Medicare Store

At The Medicare Store, we believe that you should love what you do for a living. We know that when you choose to join us, we are starting a journey together. We will work hard to help you secure financial independence while simultaneously achieving the best work-life balance you've ever had in your life. We have helped hundreds of agents to achieve – 
Volunteering at Three Square Food Bank.Pie Giveaway - Thanksgiving 2019Debi and Lorena answering phones and routing phone calls to agents.The Reno Medicare Store Team - October 2019
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The Medicare Store, A Truly Rewarding Career

Why Join Us? Because It Will Change Your Life.

It's hard to be taken seriously when you promise something as big as "it will change your life". But this is real. Visit our website, read our online reviews, and talk to our people. They will tell you they have found the greatest secret in the insurance. They literally help people for a living and get paid to do it. Here's How It Works Over 10,000 Baby Boomers are turning 65 every day. When they turn 65, they join Medicare. They are required by Medicare to get an insurance plan for Drug Coverage at a minimum. Most are doing much more than that because the co-insurance on Original Medicare is expensive. We review their doctors and prescriptions and help them enroll in a Medicare Plan that is the best fit for them. In many cases, the plan they choose has no added premium. They hug you and you go home. You have done something good for someone and you are compensated. The next day you do it again for someone else. It's truly miraculous! The Medicare Store is unique in the Medicare Insurance industry. In a world of lone-wolf insurance agents, we are a team that is armed with tools, marketing, leads, mentorship, and growth opportunities. We work together for the good of our communities, our brand, and each other. We firmly believe that there isn't a better place to work in insurance!

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