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Good for money. They do take care of you untill

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A good place to make good money if your young and single. Favouritism is a huge thing there. If you get hurt they sagerate you and make you feel guilty. They will bully you out.


Good pay


Management and mandatory overtime
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No Hope

Talk to anyone here over 10 years, no chance to post anywhere , stuck in the same area the whole time, Don't be fooled morale for full time workers is horrible. Managers don't care bottom line they leave people in preferred areas for life while the rest are stuck online with no options to move anywhere. Horrible on the body!! Managers determine what's a preferred job is not the Team member doing the Job..
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Team leaders think they are God's, treat new team members with little to no respect and act like because they have worked there for years they need to be bowed to. Management are a joke and do nothing for their staff.It's always a game of he said she said and many team members are un happy. It's a terrible environment




Long hours, family is non existant, poor treatment by managment
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Terrible management

Most of the group leaders are very unprofessional bullies and like to try to intimidate and demoralize team members,Group leaders bonuses are huge compared to the team members on the line and the more the line stops the smaller there bonus, so they walk up and the line behaving like drill sergeants,It’s a revolving endless line of turnover in employees. They don’t help and the training is terrible and no fault of the line workers (coworkers) that train you,They try to train you while the line is running and there is no room to even see or hear the trainers and only 60 seconds to train you on the process, TERRIBLE/UNPROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT !!!


Big place and not enough time to eat, and use the bathroom without choking on your food or not eating near enough, waiting in long lines to use the 3 urinal 3 stall bathroom that 100 people line up to use


Sorry the cons are listed above and there are no pros
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You will be phyiscally and mentally destroyed. They don't care. They will work you to the bone, and treat you like an animal not a human being. All they care about is quantity of vehicles not the quality or the health and safety of team members.




Management. Work load. Hours
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not impressed with much here. rate this company a 2 out of 10

poorly managed . made up of a bunch of little boy clubs that cater to their friends . like to hire contract workers and then get rid of them in a few years .


lots of work
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Typical and stressful

Useless management to Team Leader to permanent Team member. Every time Robo is breaking down and you will end up doing extra jobs. Un friendly management. Favoritism will be given to permanent staff. They like to hire constantly because no one like to stay more than 2 years. When you


Job security


Stress, unhappy, body pain.
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Dead end Job

Toyota Motors Manufacturing Canada (tmmc) or as we called it teaching monkeys making cars.Well it could be a great place to work at.. but due to management its not.. you get paid ok.. but if you look at the fact that you cant have much of a life due to the pay its not worth it.. Everywhere in Ontario you get 10 sick days.. not Toyota or other auto manufacturers.. pretty sure they are down to 6 now.. So cant say not to overtime.. work work .. cant call in sick if you get hurt,well you can but after the 6 days they can fire you.. Management looks at you like your worthless and replaceable. do ur job and dont step on their foot.. or the little boys club will ensure your job is a nightmare there..And if you get assembly.. turn over is so high.. because in most parts of the line.. you dont have a extra sec everything is timed like a robot.. and you better be quick and no mess ups...Yep dead end job.. which will let you pay for a house But ull never be able to spend real time with your family


Pay is ok, lots of overtime..


Lots of over time.. almost no sick days.. and treated bad
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If you like money more then yourself or family this job is perfect for you, prepare to be treated like a child from management, who like to tell you when you can go to the bathroom, talk, work and such.
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Treat you well at home and poorly at work.

Toyota gives you great benefits and pay, so when you're not there it's a great company to work for. However, on the job is a different story all together. The work-load is inconsistent between jobs, with some being so overburdened that it is almost impossible to compete them in the allotted time while the person beside you can do their job in half the time. When this issue is brought up, you are asked "what are you going to do about it?", which is encouraging since Toyota does offer you the ability to improve and make changes to your processes. That is completely negated by how difficult it is to get those changes to go through. The process to submit those changes is convoluted, and little to no guidance is available on how to navigate that process. They also provide no time for you to submit those changes, making you do it on your own time, or on paid breaks. On top of that, the culture is "us vs. them", which makes getting buy-off on those changes extremely difficult. Advancement is possible at Toyota, but be prepared to wait a long time. The application and interview process requires you to jump through several hoops, and then wait in a long line to get that promotion. Beyond that, you have to wait until you're hired permanently from your contract before you can begin the process. Someone I know took 3 years to finally get a position. The hiring process is another thing all together. They hire you as a contract worker, and you remain as a contract until you complete a mandatory amount of time as one - which changes, but the shortest wait I've heard recently is - 
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stressful and difficult to learn

long process and employees feel like you are just a number, poor communication between company, stressful jobs but good training and always someone able to help you out
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Used to be good until the 10 year grow-in

The money seems decent at first, but 10 years is a long time. (I was hired before then and made top rate at 4 1/2 years) You will be on "contract" for the first 3 years during which time... Your benefits are limited (no dental or long/short term disability) Your semi-annual bonus is 1/2 of what a full-timer makes. You get 1 week bookable vacation as well as 1 week in mid July and 1 1/2 weeks from Xmas to New Years's. That is the stuff that is "in print". What's not in writing... You are treated like a 2nd class citizen. Veiled threats to your job security are a regular occurrence. You can be moved to any shop or line or plant at any time. You better not get hurt or complain that you hurt, as they will do everything in their power to 'push" you out of there. You better not have any kind of disagreement with any level of management, no matter how justified, as they will "push" you out. Until you are full-time you just work there, you're not an employee. Anything you are promised when first hired can be taken away easily until you are full-time (pension, wage progression, vacation to name a few) Once you are full-time they can still take away whatever they want, whenever they want. I only stay because I make 80-90k/year (which took me less than 5 years) and get 7 weeks of vacation (5 of which I get to choose) If you don't believe me, or if you're OK with what you've read, try it out for a month. You'll at least make a few thousand and get a free pair of work shoes, prescription safety glasses and some clothing.
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Worst place to work Don't even think about working ther

Worst place to work Don't even think about working there A horrible place to work. I dont know a single person who has worked there for a few years or more that doesnt hate it. Sure the money is good if you want to: 1. Never see your family 2. Never see your friends 3. Enjoy nepatism in full swing ... (watching Managers promote their friends.) Most educated people aren't in management positions. They are on the line slugging parts. If you think for yourself you are a square peg in a round hole. 4. Get treated like a child 5. Perform tasks that the company knows hurts people. 6. Ruin your body 7. Work from 5: 45-4: 15am every two weeks. Which is horrible for your health 8. Breath toxic air that TMMC says, "falls under government rules." (In other words they do the bare minimum for your health) 9. Summers are very hot. I've seen people black out from heat but are intimidated by managers so they say nothing. 10. So many people work hurt in this plant it's insane. TMMC will make you feel like you are the problem, not the dangerous process that they have designed to make you perform. 11. Most TMMC are divorced ... You see your family
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Do not work at toyota , they do not care about anyone or their families just pushing out product

By far the worst place I've ever worked . Shift work , so no home life except on days off which is usually one day because of mandatory Saturday. Management and group leaders back each other up even with harrassment Every line has a worker on light duties or medical issues , enough said claims


No pros


Tired . Exauseted . Always sore .
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Hard work fast pace long hours

Would not recommend this place to work have been here 10 years , the managers are horrible , Toyota treats there employees horrible , everyday there is a new rule to follow , management is installing g cameras on almost every process. They say it is for quality purposes but they use them to spy on employees and write them up. Long hours very little notice if they decide to add a production Saturday , very hard to have a work life balance. New people start on contract for 3-4 years and start at about 55 percent wage of a full time full rate team member. Turn over rate at Toyota is very very high.


Good money


Long hours, very fast pace and very hard on the body
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No life in this job!

Takes 10 years to get to top wage, 3+ years to actually be hired on and until then can fire you for almost no reason. Management expects you to run all day long on jobs that you are expected to do that need more than 1 person to actually reach tac time.
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Horrible management

Would not wish this job on my worst enemy, ignorant pathetic little men in management positions that have 0 people skills and swear at and demean team members. Positions change all the time with little to no notice and hours change at the drop of a hat. I have had multiple managers all changing areas with no knowledge of the new area they are now managing.
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did not like it

management is is repetitive. No incentives for new employees. Management doesnt care about team members. Shift work is not the best if you have a family.
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Gossip and bad management

Gossip, Everyone knows everything online, even management watches and hears you on video camera even if they are technically not suppose too. HR doesn't do anything about harassment. If you sit down you are immediately told too stand up even if there is a lot of downtime, Promotions aren't much better pay then TM makes. Not a career job.
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Not a fan

Really fast paced. Management out to get you. Blue collar language throughout. Pay was fair. Benefits good. Vacation days given great. All in all a difficult atmosphere to work in




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Just a number

Wasted 15 years of my life here, until injuries took to much of a toll on my body. Management does not want injured workers and will force you out the door if it is chronic. This place pays well once you put in 10 years, but depending on what area you are in, you will be destroyed. You mean nothing to this company. Line work is brutal, some offline jobs are ok, and other areas will take you 20+ years to get into. If you are willing to sell your soul, and not care about anyone around you, management is the way to go. Even then, you are subject to those above you, who will throw you under the bus to advance themselves. This place is not what you think, so I advise all those interested to please reconsider.


Pay Benefits


They don't actually care about employees
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