Ep. 08: Lifeline: Ashley Flynn

This Sailor spent her career caring for resilient warriors. Now she has become one. This is life as a Navy Nurse.


This is not a game. At sea, every Sailor’s strength is tested with storms, their will with unknowns. Out here, it’s not where the sea takes you, but who it makes you.

Sailors transporting ordnance across the flight deck

Aircraft carrier conducts flight operations

Flight deck crew looks on prior to aircraft launch

About U.S. Navy

In America’s Navy, opportunity is everywhere. Make a living as a rescue swimmer. Spend your days launching jets off aircraft carriers. Turn your problem-solving skills into cyberwarfare expertise. Bring humanitarian relief to victims of disaster. Wherever your passions lie, the most versatile branch of the military will forge your skills with state-of-the-art – more... 

  • Look through Zachary Eshleman’s lens and see what you could capture as an MC.
  • Over 243 years the Navy has built the most diverse branch of the military. We lead by example, give opportunity when earned, and respect based on the content of character—just as MLK Jr. dreamed. We are the Kingdom of Brotherhood. #ForgedByTheSea #dreambig
  • On this day in 1840, the Navy ventured to Antarctica for the first time. In January. #bold #cold #ForgedByTheSea
  • Sailors are always on their feet. No wonder our legs beat anyone in a race. #NavyFit #ForgedByTheSea
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