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Questions and Answers about United States Postal Service Hiring Process

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895 questions about Hiring Process at United States Postal Service
If you’ve been there long enough to make regular, then that’s your promotion. Depending on your position, it could take as long as 7 or 8 years to make regular.
Answered December 19, 2020
Applied in June 22’ PSE workerJob Offer September 22’Finger prints End of September 22’October 14 22’ received hiring date for November 19thNovember 16th 22’ Received orientation date for November 23rd The hiring process is insane
Answered September 7, 2016
Easy interview process ..they are constantly turning over people due to how management treats people .
Answered January 25, 2017
High School Diploma
Answered April 3, 2021
I personally thought the test was a breeze! I was really scared thinking maybe I should have bought the practice test book. But, after I took the online test, which is truly A COMMON SENSE TEST! I was contacted to go to the main branch in Nashville to take that test, the one that decides if your hirable. Again, this test is in sections and YOU MUST HAVE COMMON SENSE AND PAY ATTENTION!The test will ask the the SAME QUESTIONS repeatedly, they just ask the same question in another way. Also, I feel that if you have common sense and good with numbers, you will do just fine!!!I was the first one to finish test and within seconds another guy turned his paperwork immediately following myself.WHEN I finished the test, it was so easy that I was worried that I had to of misunderstood something on the test bc it was just too easy! I went over each part a couple times before turning it in so I could check my work and to make sure that I didn't skip a single answer. Fyi: if you don't know the answer, do NOT skip it bc it will show up like you put the wrong answer. If you mark anything, it at least gives you a 25% CHANCE of getting it right vs definitely getting it wrong bc you didn't mark anything! Again, common sense! Btw, IF your record is expunged then it WILL NOT show up on background checks! Now as far as the speeding ticket. It DOES matter, BUT, I know first hand that if you drive your car for delivering mail and you have not had a ticket in over a year, or, if you are NOT a habitual offender, THEN they will MOST LIKELY give you a shot. Providing that you have very high grades on your test, that makes it easier to be considered for employment. P.s. if you are in or have been in the military, you automatically get 10 free points. Making your test score higher.They choose people who have scored the highest on the test. I made a 98 on the test. I received a letter/email showing my score with instructions to call a certain person at a POST office that you may not have applied to work out of but make sure you take the job bc they probably have someone retiring from your first choice, As soon as an opening becomes available, your chances are very likely to obtain that location you originally applied. next, verify your face to face interview. This part can be different depending on location. They will either say thank you, we will inform you very soon. Or, they will tell you when, where and what time to show up for your 2 week's of paid training. Make sure you to be respectful while also being yourself and remember this "YOU ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSIONS" be MINDDUL IF THE FACT THAT THE PERSON INTERVIEWING YOU, IS, MOST LIKELY YOUR EVERY DAY BOSS!!! SORRY THIS IS SO LONG. I REALLY HOPE THAT IT HELPS OTHERS GETTING THE JOB OR THE COURAGE TO APPLY!!!IT TRULY IS JUST APPLYING FOR ANY OTHER JOB. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.
Answered November 25, 2016
And need to be in U.S for at least 5 years.
Answered April 17, 2017
How do I apply for a job?
Asked July 4, 2016
Saw an poster on the door of a local post office offering to hire for 17,78 an hour
Answered July 4, 2016
If there is a opening position you really want you can apply for it.
Answered April 8, 2018
What does selection list mean?
Asked September 14, 2016
It meant they put you in the selection list including the other candicates. you might be hired if you pass every test. If there are more candidates that passed they pick the highest score one.
Answered September 14, 2016
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