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What are the typical work hours for CCA?

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  • Woof! I was told prior to accepting the job that my scheduled days would be Saturday and Monday and I would "fill in" for regular carriers on their approved time off and leave. Position was made to seem part time. As soon as I completed the academy I was scheduled 6 days with only Sunday off. I ended up quitting. Why does the USPS waste their resources sending us to academy when we are not told of expectations up front? They should tell us up front that it will be 6 days/week. Save us all time and money.

  • As a CCA if you're being worked 12 hours, the contract is being violated. Language is up to 11.50 hours only. Best to get on an a route by opting but better yet, get assigned to a Carrier Technician for the higher pay. Even if on a route management can assign other work from other routes. When you sign up, you're made aware you can be working 7 days a week, 360 days a year.

  • It varies based on location. I am 6 months in as a CCA and I'm working 6 days a week, 10hrs+ a day with just having sunday off. They try to get you out of the station before 6pm hits. Supposedly you can put a hold down on a route that you like to potentially get 2 days off instead of one but the supervisors can take it away from you via the schedule and if they need you, they will try to call you in. In all honesty, the job itself is not really that bad but management can make it 100x's worse... You wonder why CCA's have a high turn over rate? We're bottom feeders and we get the bad end of the deal. Oh, say goodbye to your social life and good luck trying to schedule outside business or managing home life stuff that needs taken care of. The Pay is good but is it worth your sanity and your wellbeing?

  • It depends on what station needs what 40 or more it’s all about them saving to get a bonus

  • It really does vary depending on your office and (if the supervisor or manager likes you in my opinion) my first week was like 30 hours my second week was like 25 hours then I got like 50 hours then back to 20 hours

  • When you sign the job offer you're made to believe a CAA is part time and there's no guarantee of hours. When you start the job the schedule varies by day. Supervisor's change the schedule daily and add hours to the schedule. You will not be asked to work overtime, but are expected to work overtime without notice or signing up for overtime. Unfair scheduling do to no time in advance as the schedule can change over night. At times you will be scheduled to come in early and when you arrive there will be a change of plans that sends you home. Waisted personal time and doesn't benefit the employee or the employer do to lack of appropriate delegations per assignments and available vehicles. Schedules are altered do to the management's lack of orderly routine. In order to have a routined assignment you have to be a regular employee, in which means you are full time, so why are CCA's not provided routined schedules to keep them productive and efficient?

  • I recently resigned the post office as CCA. I worked in a larger town probably around 180k or more people. I was normally working 10, some times 12 hours 6 days a week. 65-70 hr/week. Every holiday.

    I wasn't there very long. The CCA's that had been there awhile were doing 7 days a week no time off. If you have family it is not for you. You will not see them.

  • Start time 7:30am. They can keep you as long as they want.. But they try to have you done by 6:00pm mandatory 6 days a week. I also work every other Sunday..

  • At least 40 hours, but up to 72 hours per week. They can make you work 12 hour days, 6 days a week.

  • 10 hours a day easily! But time flys when you delivering mail. Easiest money ever made. Coming from current CCA in Cleveland, Ohio.

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