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What is the interview process like at United States Postal Service?

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  • Process for:
    Laborer Custodial Process

    9/26/20 Filled out application

    9/28/20 Test Invitation

    10/07/20 MVR check

    2/02/21 Interview

    2/05/21 Second Interview

    2/09/21 Background Check (NACI)

    2/12/21 Fingerprints

    3/04/21 2nd Fingerprints

    3/10/21 Cleared NACI

    3/29/21 Orientation

    4/05/21 Trainning

    4/12/21 First Day On The Floor

    6/15/21 Final 90 Days Probation

  • No interviews now with covid and new policies. Just fill out application and do everything through email other than fingerprints. Which will be the first time you meet postmaster after accepting job offer

  • If you show up for interview that’s a start. You must have a valid drivers license and not be a felon

  • Unprofessional, Unorganized, Discriminatory!
    Not only was the HR dept unprofessional but also lacked integrity. After completing and passing the requirements...assessment, backgrounds, drug testing, finger printing etc; they offer the position. They ironically make arrangements for the supervisors, managers or post master to be in the room with you when you're getting finger prints so they can eyeball you (NO INTEGRITY) but they don't tell you they are there; thy don't have the professional common courtesy to have an honest open conversation with the group or a one on one conversation/interview or a meet & greet. HR speaks to you like a child, condescending, and belittling as if they own you. Just imagine how they will treat you once you start working!!! I see a law suit in the horizon. Also they clearly behave as the LEFT hand doesn't know what they RIGHT hand is doing. No organization what so ever!!!

  • Very Unprofessional, unorganized ...a waste of my time!
    Applied for a specific job location (only one job was available in the county). After completing the assessment I was offered the job without an interview; contingent on passing drug testing, and finger printing and background checks. I Received multiply reminder emails (daily) from HR with huge red letters and exclamation marks...I felt like I was being yelled at...very unprofessional. In an attempt to open some type of one-on-one communication with HR Dept the process became even more frightful and conversations felt like I was being reprimanded. Also they did not complete both background checks. This is concerning to me, because I want to feel like I am in a safe environment at work.

  • Many places no longer do interview because they thought it would “speed up” hiring process. I was told today that background checks are taking close to 2 months to be completed.

  • Not really an interview, more like sit n'chat type of thing. For me, it was chat/talk with the postmaster after I did my finger scanning. Told me about the job, what I know or have I read up on it, what was require of me and how to get past those 90days with success, told me about the routes - some hard, some easy, some scary, told me how many local PO I will cover, told how long the routes and pivots, told me about the weather and be prepared for icy, snow, rain, hails, etc etc. And that was it. Very honest and straight forward with no bull.....

  • There is no interview process, just information thrown at you in rapid fire while at the same time having old carrier trainers treat you like young children needing constant threats about kicking you out of orientation for anything they deem unwanted.

  • Hired with no interview

  • Was a waste of time for me, after passing the 1st P.O. delivery test at their test center and passing another online test, was then invited for interview with HR. Showed up and 75 other people were there waiting on same interview day. We were invited into a large room to fill out application paperwork, watch work related videos and wait our turn to interview with a couple HR workers. A few people were turned away if they had prior problems with their driver license like 1 day suspension in last few years and other reasons and told they could apply for other jobs that did not involve driving. Received an email informing me I had passed the HR interview process, then invitation for drug test and background check. So I completed those also. a few months had gone by from when I first applied. Did not hear from PO for a month so confirmed I passed all the drug and background tests and did so called PO. Was finally able to get a hold of a lady at the PO to see what was going on. The lady told me I was not supposed to call and she said they had told people not to call and check at the interview. She did confirm my question that I did pass everything so far and she said I was now on a waiting list for a position to open up. In the following months received 2 different emails a month apart telling me two positions had just closed but they never sent one saying it was open and to apply for it. Then received a third letter same day as second letter that a job had just closed which said the Job I had applied for has been revoked. Have heard nothing since. The whole hiring process they run you through appears extremely dysfunctional with very poor communication on their part. They do not give you updates regarding job status or position on the so called the list. Seriously I can only chalk up their whole hiring process as dysfunctional or discrimination of my age or race, why do they ask those questions on applications any way? For those that do not get shafted like I did, sounds like they eventually get a call from a manager at a local branch that invites them in for an interview. Keep in mail carrier assistant is only a part time job but expects worker to be available from 6 AM to 10 PM 7 days a week. Probably top work 45 hours a week like my last part time job. Calling workers part time is just a way to limit benefits and job security, which is a typical union busting strategy. Oh well I think I wasted enough time with them at this point.

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