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What would you suggest United States Postal Service management do to prevent others from leaving?

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  • As for the Farmingville location mail carrier on 2/18/20 working on Sundays to deliver top priority to mail services. In that displaying professional polite mannerism in Fairfield South NY. Service with a smile
    Delivering Integrity & Pride

    Proudly Serving Our Community

    Men of Honor

  • Their upper management and Person in charge of bids is a big B and very disrespectful and unprofessional. They need way better people and actually have their employees backs when it comes to some of their Rude customers. Train them correctly and give them actual opportunities to move up

  • Management is clearly secretive about policy. Employees are not protected well enough. What they do is try to attribute no fault to themselves as an entity, for example, regarding unsafe working conditions. So, employees must be aware of the importance of taking notes, and of having proper documentation, such as witness statement when injured at work, no matter how minor. I speak from experience.

  • I have been working since end of May 2020 because of the covid-19, they were short on staff.most new people still dont know how to read the labels and put the mail on the wrong OTR. there is no real training. Most new hires are young and they hide or take off on their break because they dont want to work and since the supervisors are not on them, they do what they want.They clock out when its time to go and people just dont care. some supervisors are very disrespectful, and some sleep withe their supervisors to get to a better position..how about that!?..the place is so disorganized and dirty. some mails has been there for months or the scan the same mail because they dont lable the mail that has been processed so we scan the same mail over and over again thru out the week. If someone doesnt do something to change the way things are run then USPS will no longer have business.

  • I wasnt even given my full 90 day probationary period to find out if I could actually do the CCA job. instead im pulled into the Post Masters office and given the option to quit or get fired. it wasnt fair. I couldn't even find out what rights I had cuz i had signed up for the CCA union when I started. but I ended up quitting. cuz thats the only way the PM said I could still work for the PO. and i still aint working there again.

  • 1) Better, more thorough training. More than a week with primary route if RCA or CCA. Get your subs working alongside experienced subs as part of the training so trainees can pick up the skills needed before being thrown into the field.
    2)Adjust time for routes based on parcel load. Don't pay by estimated route time, pay by hour. Overtime is not a privilege, you are asking others to give up personal time to help you complete YOUR commitments. Pay accordingly.

    3) Do NOT allow your supervisors to yell at employees. This is a fast track way to burn through even the most loyal of employees.

    4) Allow for actual breaks and an actual lunch. Period. 30 minutes for it all does not cut it.

    5) Month out schedules are respectful of other peoples time and prevents excessive surprises.

    6) Get better equipment. The LLVs? Get them swapped out. Take better care of the equipment you do have, and make an effort to have no more than 2 drivers assigned to the same vehicle. Employee ownership would go a long way to maintaining what little decent fleet there is.

  • The racism that is going on there poeple in charge must be alert they r pushing new cca out so they can put their own people that is not cool at all if they poeple who is in charge start calling the CCA that r no longer there they will all have common answers

  • Remember we are only Human put yourself in others position see how you would want to be treated people shouldn't feel scrutiny at work or any place of business what you put out you get back proven fact!!

  • The only reason to get into management is you either don’t want to be outside
    Anymore or you can’t handle the jobs physical requirements anymore. When you have worked side by side for yrs with someone and then the next day they are your boss and have no training you can’t believe it. These people sell their soles to keep their jobs

  • Stop blaming Carriers for Management failures. You could adjust those routes to 8 hours but you won't do it, instead you keep beating down the Carriers to do more & more & more without giving them the proper amount of time or tools to manage their on daily volumes and office times. That makes for a very hostile relationship between labor & management. It will only get worse. Nothing except dissolution of USPS will change Managements archaic doctrine. Micromanaging using constant threats of discipline and constant negative verbal abuse from managers is this how you motivate people? That is why I despise USPS. It is a shame to admit you work for the USPS.

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  1. What would you suggest United States Postal Service management do to prevent others from leaving?