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Why did you leave your job at United States Postal Service?

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I was forced out after 19 years because I could no longer get my route done in 8 hours everyday. Age discrimination and disability discrimination exists regardless of their so called policies which they violate with blatant regularity. Postal managers have little regard for law. The NALC is equally worthless at standing up for employees. USPS spends more money micromanaging the workforce therefore that is the biggest reason they are broke and need a bailout. I cannot work for such a dysfunctional agency.

Still there but have been looking for another job for about 4 months. Unfortunately everything put on hold due to the pandemic (no interviews etc). During this time though you realize how little the Post Office cares for their employees. 15 days in a row worked and the days are long. They are working us to exhaustion. I can not wait to leave.

I left due to stress, being unappreciated, job being dangled over my head, being discriminated against, harrassment, overworking, being looked down upon and my time worked in the system being manipulated so they would not have to pay you what they owe you. The post master in my district was consistantly pressuring the managers to make us do more work in less hours, it was virtually impossible for a human to do so management would manipulate you clock rings. Also; the labor union will not listen to any complaints from subordinates about managment, they make the problem worse by moving bad managers to other stations enabling them to get away with all types of harrassment, degradation, manipulation and the like. Working at the post office is a very TOXIC, demonic experience.

Not worth the headache and stress at all. This company doesn’t even look at you as being human first. Your a robot in there eyes. The mail handlers make more money than supervisors, so they feel that because your making good money that you should work 10xs harder. They don’t care about what you have going on outside of the job pertaining to family or your own health. A lot of favoritism and poor management. I don’t understand how some of these people are even in these supervisor positions to begin with. You only become a career employee once a spot opens up and that can be anywhere from a year to a year in a half or even two. They are quick to fire people and not replace them making work even harder. Employees literally try to supervise your work which causes conflict. Everyday is something new with the bs. I don’t care if it’s a federal job or not, ITS NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE AND STRESS BECAUSE THATS ALL IT IS.

Happy I left so stressful never got to take my breaks no time for anything

The only reason I left after 19 years was because my husband was offered a job across the country and he took it I resigned but plan on going back to the postal service soon I loved it when I was there

After spending literally half of my life working for the USPS, I realized that I could continue to damage my body, mind and soul for another 11 years while donating approximately $171,000 working off the clock just to keep postmasters collecting their bonuses OR I could work in the private sector for the next twenty years for bosses that treat me with respect. Totally worth the paycut.

WOW! It is all true, I have been with the post office for 23 years and I have experience every single arch and disrespectful treatments. I was even Rob if my one and only awards. I saw in the postal magazines a competition and I entered, no one know that u did, a year later I won, my post office came out on top, topic was “ why I think my facility is the best place to work, at the time I was living my work place, no one was nothing me then so I saw a lot of positives. I wrote nice things about it. It happens to win a year later but my supervisor stole my award by letting the big shots bring in big breakfast on the day of my days off and called it in honor of me, I was home and knows nothing until a co worker called to asked what did I do because they are having breakfast in honor of me and everyone from my department was there except for me, the next day I walked in to work there was people from the environmental department walking around and my supervisor was running around with them all acting like she knew about the essay and did not took me to meet the people nor bring them over to me to congratulate me. My supervisor did not came to congratulate me not once, I was ignored. A nice supervisor from a different department came to asked me what’s going on, I told him I enter a competition and won, he then say “ your supervisor in office taking the credit for it” I was really sad and it’s has been 11 years and I never can get over how sad and angry I am feeling for all those years. She also gathered everyone from my department to take pic holding the banner that I won and until today that banner is hanging in the hallway and a plaque in the glass case show casing with the other plaques. But upper management never acknowledged me at all for that credentials. I wrote the essay and entered the competition because I too wanted to be in the magazine holding my plaque if I won just like the worker from that post office who won the year before. I wanted my essay to be written below my pictured with me holding that award but that didn’t happened. Infact! My supervisor has a acting supervisor that she love he could not do anything wrong in her sight, he was the one she let them interviewed and he was the one get featured in the next issued office the postal magazine which he speaks nothing of the essay because he knew nothing about it. So sad! I continued to work with sadness only because the salary n benefits are good I owned 3 houses from this job I wouldn’t let anyone or nothing make me give it up. But I’m looking to reassign to another post office this year.. but I agree, they are very cruel to the ones that work hard and nice to the lazy and mentally which a lot of time the mentally causes a lot of trouble to others .

Filed an eeo because I was treated like Cinderella and had to do everything while all the other clerks did nothing. I won my eeo and a settlement was reached that we all would take turns doing all the jobs. Six months later I’m Cinderella again. Nothing has changed. They bully the good people and baby the mentally ill.

Overall, this organization needs an enema at the management level. Very inept when it comes to these managers. What a horrible place to work at. My hats off to these career employees. They work hard but again, the management staff is low quality. How unfortunate. The CCA'S have a long wait in line for a full time post. I left after 3 months, because of their unprofessional managers. Bye....

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