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Registered Nurse

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The majority of the hospital is understaffed, either filled w/ travelers or scraping by w/ minimal staff. The main reasons I stayed for 3+ years was my patients and coworkers. Upper management has no clue whats going on and are extremely petty. Some unit directors are very helpful, others actively avoid addressing issues unless someone above them has an issue.


coworkers, ability to learn, patients


Upper management, short staffed
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My coworkers were awesome

Pay rates are terrible. UPMC does not value nurses and does not pay them what they are worth. Medical benefits are terrible considering you are working a company that considers themselves the best in the field. Treat your employees better!




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Over worked!

Work 10+ hours a day. most of the time seven days in a row then one day off then seven more 10+ hour days in a row of hard labor. Told them from the day of my interview I did not want overtime I just wanted 40 hours a week and they said their schedule runs 4 10 hour days then 3 off. but after I was hired and worked a few weeks I was told that I had to work the overtime it was mandated or I would be fired. So I only got to see my 10 year old daughter once every seven days. (I am a single parent) Over half of my paycheck went to child care. Not to mention it put a huge strain on my relationship with my daughter. Managers have favorites and give them decent hours and they are not overworked. There are definitely little groups like in high school.


Can’t think of a single one beside you get paid.


10 hour days with no breaks, treated like dirt, no time whatsoever for family or a home life, management is lazy, management has favorites, Cannot use PTO that you’ve earned, overworked and under paid.
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Coworkers were kinda rude and stand-offish.

I wouldn’t work at UPMC if you don’t like a toxic work environment. Most of the people there have worked there for years, and have good job security. Multiple people have left to similar reasons. That’s why they are urgently hiring


cheap lunch options, full break time usually, healthcare


pay wage, people, environment
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This is probably one of the worst places I've ever worked at. Horrible management who refused to handle issues while the hardworking individuals worked passed exhaustion. You're not paid for what you're worth as a nurse and you're spread extremely thin. Would recommend to work there as a starter experience but that is it.
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No work life balance

Pay and benefits are outstanding. Work life balance is non-existent. This has been brought up several times by myself and others, and no one seems to care. People need to feel heard and respected, and this isn’t it. I love my patients and families, that’s the sad part. It is so overwhelming due to poor management. Immediate supervisor tries, but has too much on her plate and isn’t very responsive or helpful. There is also horrible communication.


Pay and benefits


Work like balance, communication, support.
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Poor management

Poor Management is destroying our community hospital. Bed-side nursing staff want to deliver safe and competent care, however, administration and upper management respond to staffing/patient quality concerns with politically correct rhetoric. Until management actually engages in improving processes, the revolving door of talented registered nurses will continue. Management needs to pay attention to the people who care for the community and their loved ones. They need to start treating the nurses and other hospital staff with care and compassion. They preach about CORE VALUES but fail miserably with being accountable themselves. Staff is not treated with Dignity & Respect. When concerns are raised by staff, we are not supported, but instead given a perfect scenario response that doesn’t exist or lip-service on their “commitment” to making improvements- that never happens. Tired of the dog-and-pony show of management. It’s embarrassing and non-productive.


There is a Starbucks in the Lobby


Staff is not supported my management, Hospital focuses on profits rather than quality patient care
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Would be a great place to work if management was more respectful towards employees. Management is very unprofessional and do not lead by example.

I enjoy the employees and teamwork. Management is unprofessional and very shady. They often try to pit employees against each other, rather than dealing with the employees that they are having issues with. Constantly being mandated, unappreciated.


Employees, benefits


Shady, lazy management, Favoritism, and different people held at different standards, Never get to use the PTO that you earn, Mandated constantly.
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Lack of staff and underpaid

Would never work there again. Patient Safety concerns. Very underpaid. Overworked, understaffedPoor management.Lack of concern for staffing issues & staff suggestions.Favoritism showed to some employee by certain management. Sentinel events not addressed by management.Different rules on different days
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Hectic and Stressful

Too many chiefs and not enough Indians in my opinion. Always short staffed. Pay raises are mediocre and the benefits aren’t great. I felt sick coming here to work as an RN each shift.


Short staffed constantly, unrealistic management
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Very safe work environment

The 3G unit is great. There is a lot of very seasoned staff that have a lot of psych experience. There is room for advancement. The manager is kind and compassionate.


Room for advancement


Cafeteria is far away
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Comical workplace

Highly dysfunctional work environment. Low annual raises. Okay medical benefits. Not so friendly medical staff. Some will treat you like family but most look down on you. Management is suffocating and not helpful. Toxic work culture. High turnover rate. There is a lot of bullying and drama. Cafeteria is a joke. Corporate overrun. It's all about the numbers and response times regardless of what goes on. Patients are in and out and it is your job to respond quickly. This is a thankless hospitality job. Starting pay is just enough but could be better. You will have to clean bodily fluids, blood and feces, sweep and mop different areas of the hospital, take down garbage, vacuum. You get two 10 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch. You can only call off a few times within a year or they will fire you.


Vacation Days


Low raises. Management doesn't care.
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Horrible management

This was the worst nursing experience I have ever had in my life I’ve worked other departments within UPMC and they were nothing like my experience at Magee. The coworkers are the only thing that keep you sane. I’ve never worked someplace so poorly organized with a lack of policies and procedures. The managers lack training, knowledge and cater to those they like. Staff members not liked are singled out and picked on horribly by management. Physicians are demanding and bicker with each other to be top dog. The staff is horribly overworked. Turnover of nurses never stops. On site RN manager lacks knowledge and hides to avoid handling office issues and helping staff . At times management even yells at staff in front of the entire office. If you value your sanity run!!!




Management, hostile work environment
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Nothing at all

I've worked there for a number of years. Employees aren't respected by management. Too much management and not enough non-management. Wouldn't recommend working here.
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Not the job for nursing students/experience

I chose to look for a PCT position to gain clinical experience while I was in school for my RN. When I was interviewing/hired to be a PCT in the ED, I was told that "sitting" would be a part of the job, but that the majority of the work would involve direct patient care - which they suggested would give me valuable experience. I've learned that this was an entirely inaccurate portrayal of the position. As a PCT I have spent about 95% of my time sitting with psych patients or sitting in a waiting room (which is more administrative than patient care related). I can't say that I've gained much as far as skills or knowledge related to nursing in this position. Not all of the co-workers are bad, but the management of PCTs is poor. I understand that there is a lack of "sitters", but this should be made transparent during interviews. There is no effort to rotate PCTs, such as they do with other staff, so you will likely sit in the same spot for 12 hours. It is a poor use of your time and an insult to anyone who wants to be treated like they have any value as an employee or human. No one cares if a PCT is overwhelmed because they are sitting "one-on-one" with 3 unstable patients. No one cares if you are made to "sit" in COVID+ rooms for a full 12 hour shift (when there should apparently be a 4 hour limit). The pay is poor and the experience is worse. It's sad because many of the employees are great, but overworked and doing the best with what they are given. If you're looking for patient care experience, or just a PCT job where you do actual hands-on skills, I would look elsewhere. - 


some nice people work there


everything else
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If you have any self respect, don’t!

When I got this job I thought it was going to be good for me.... ha no. They are short staffed because they bully everyone that starts there to the point they won’t even come to work, then say that they just don’t want to work. They talk s*** about you behind your back, try to get you fired, make you feel like an outcast if you don’t want to join in on all the backstabbing, and so much more. The worst part about it is the managers don’t care enough about you to do anything unless you’re in a certain group of people. The benefits suck and I was yelled at everyday by coworkers for things I didn’t know or didn’t do. It got to the point that I would get sick just thinking bout going to that place. If you care about your health, physical and mental, don’t do it.


You won’t get fired even if you do royalty mess up because they can’t keep enough people.


Benefits, coworkers, managers, pay, just about everything.
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Run far away from this place!

The pay sucks, there was no COVID bonus like the nurses got, so don’t expect one. Area people get pulled constantly to do discharges, which in turn neglects your assigned area. Constantly told to “trash & dash” to get areas finished. If $10/hr is ok with you go ahead and work here.


End of the shift


Pay, constant corner cutting
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Think twice

When I was employed by UPMC (as therapy staff) I worked for Home Nursing Agency in Altoona, PA. This review is about the experience I had when I worked there (now several years ago- here's hoping it has changed). In Central PA, therapy staff are not in high demand, but they are in high supply and boy did home nursing agency let you know it. They continued to retain (and as far as was perceivable to NOT re-train) a manager who was accused by multiple employees of bullying and verbal aggression toward staff. That team had significant turn over and continuous complaints, but that manager retained the position without changing their behavior possibly because they insisted on (and got) close to 100% productivity by intimidating team members and being overly demanding. I knew multiple co-workers who would not be bullied and they left because their complaints went ignored. Good therapy staff went elsewhere consistently. If you are considering working for this company be prepared to stand up for yourself. Be prepared to be treated like you are very much expendable. I hope that things have changed, but I really wish someone had warned me. If you are young and not ready to fight to be treated well (as I was), go somewhere else if you can.
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Great place for GN to learn.

typical day - get report, have 3-5 patients on PCU, assessment, monitor patients, pass meds, carry out doctors order, call doctor with new or worsening patient problems. management is nice and approachable and coworkers are friendly and accepting of new nurses. The worst thing about the job is the nurse residency program if you are a new nurse.


great learning experience, great coworkers, management is approachable


pay is low, benefits are absolutely the worst I have ever seen, short staffed, nurse residency.
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Awful Management

HIPAA means nothing to managers. They only are concerned with production and getting as many people in and out in a day. Managers are rude and unprofessional, constantly talking about you to other coworkers. They degrade and insult you, but wonder why they can't get good candidates to apply.


Decent benefits


pay is minimal after several years, compared to what new hires are given
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Good friends horrible management and hours

Good friends and pay but, lnot worth the stress they, overwork you and don’t care if you’re mentally tired. Management was a complete, and utter joke.


Good pay for no college degree


Stressful workload and environment
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