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How has this company responded to COVID‑19?
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Walgreens and COVID-19
How has Walgreens responded to the coronavirus? See insights and explore hiring and work from home policies.
Hiring status
Likely Hiring
From 1,775 Indeed user responses
Leadership approval
55% approve of the crisis response
From 1,517 Indeed user responses
Work from home status
From 1,197 Indeed user responses
Sick leave policy
From 1,367 Indeed user responses
How has Walgreens responded to COVID-19?
Statement from Walgreens
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Do you approve of how leaders at Walgreens have acted to protect the health of workers during the COVID-19 outbreak?
3,931 of 7,516
survey respondents saidYes
Is Walgreens still hiring new workers during the COVID-19 outbreak?
6,834 of 8,765
survey respondents saidYes
Can people in your role at Walgreens take paid sick days during the COVID-19 outbreak?
3,915 of 6,872
survey respondents saidYes
To your knowledge, are office workers at Walgreens still expected to work from the office location during the COVID-19 outbreak?
3,856 of 6,075
survey respondents saidYes
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How has Walgreens responded to the COVID-19 outbreak?
Laughable , no mask enforcement , no hazardous pay , budget cuts and more workload.
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Is Walgreens hiring new workers during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Beauty Advisor in Pittsburgh, PA
Beauty consultants should not be working during a pandemic! All other companies have their beauty consultants off with pay,or on unemployment or working at home and answering beauty questions online!!!
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What roles at Walgreens can work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak?
No remote jobs during Covid. Stores have been opened the entire time.
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