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If you were to leave Walgreens, what would be the reason?

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Overworked, underpaid...!

The Upper management = corporate greed.

Products all Chinese.

Store Hours / Pharmacy hours vary greatly to suit the districts budget, and to suit the district manager.

The hours of stores in the same district are not evenly distributed.

Workload keeps getting added and hours continue to shorten. Never adding time we are open unless for some extended promotion. Everyone grumbles at this, more and more added work to be done in less and less hours.

The people who are supposed to get contracts for pharmacy Insurance loose important contracts and We suffer as our stores customer base is drastically reduced. .

Our systems are constantly downgraded and harder to operate. Somehow they get away with calling them upgrades?

Walgreens then makes a profit on inferior systems, again adding more work and less time to do it. This for people whose job is providing good customer service. It is frustrating and poor management for monitary greed.

The Express pass system is a failure. The delivery system a burden to be avoided. The Vaccine system overly time consuming (unless it is a simple flu vaccine) with shorter hours to meet a walgreens expected Quota of flu and orher vaccines.

There is also pressure to sell / push the vaccines as well.

We are overcome with calls that a call center and a profile of the customer could easily handle. Thier quota of burdensome calls we are required to make to patients is overly time consuming. Instead of handling our share of customer calls to us from patients to care fore their needs.

If I was to Quit it would be because of the hours, the Pay and the unappreciative upper management. They cut hours add more work. Certain people have special privilege because of favoritism. Impatient management. High turn over sub par training of new employee.. in balanced scheduling.. AND THEY REALLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT WORK LIFE BALANCE.

If you were to leave Walgreens, what would be the reason? Being fired upon the lies of the ASM, requested to prove the the ASM was a liar but were denied, 20 years working for the company, you get to get fired upon lies and they do not give no chances to prove you're innocent even when there are witness and video-tape that can prove your innocent - Walgreens doesn't care about its employees and they give power to the wrong people/management and for sure they abuse it. The funny part is to see that they hired a person as a "leader" that years ago was banned to shop at Walgreens because of shop-lift, upper management and DM not very honest and/or nice, especially when you get to hear some of them speak about some employees and SM in a very very derogatory way. Don't work for Walgreens if you are a hard working and honest person because in a long run, you'll be treated bad and step on it.

It would be not passing the pharmacy technician exam, attendance or too many write ups for calls.

Minimum wage with no pay increase during middle of pandemic. Management continue to instructed employees to ignore Washington state law that all businesses to require shoppers must wear mask or they must refuse service to shoppers that is not wearing a mask.

The hours cutting back on a store that does fertility medication and then all the other stuff that is required to do, I really do not think Walgreens is handling this correctly. This is just stressing everyone out and it is not good for the health.

Management is incompetent. They refuse to put my availability in the system and schedule me the days I work at my other job for the same time. I have brought it up and they cut my hours severely I'm now only working a single 4 hour shift a week even putting on days conflicting with my first job to force me to call out and quit.

I worked at the Walgreens wearhouse and they treat everyone very bad but nobody says anything about it because they are scared of losing their jobs all of leadership looks out for each other and do what ever they want and you report them to HR and they let things slide even when you have witnesses don't get me wrong the actual job and pay there was great but the leaders there demonstrate favoritism all the time and make it obvious when I went to HR about some problems they did nothing so I just quit and am glad I did.

I worked from home and they would put everything you do into the chat that everyone reads. Plus they train you for multiple departments without asking or giving a raise

Unfair treatment after asst manager got mad because I was out for 2 mos on covid 19 leave that when I came back she said she was going to teach me a lesson and she's only scheduling me 1day a week 7 hrs trying to get me to quit. She doesn't even know me I left right after she was transfered in.

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