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How hard or easy is it to get promoted if you're just a regular store employee at Walmart?

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  • It is easy to get promoted. You do not have to be there 6 months, they can move you up at any time. It does not take hard work. If they like you and can "use" you, you will get the promotion. Management only cares if you will tow the bottom line.

  • It is pretty easy to get promoted.

  • I was hired on as stocking 2 team lead and after 4 months and am being asked to step up to coach, I think it's all about how hard you work, accept walmart philosophy and culture and strive to encourage that on your team.

  • It is easy, but you must understand two things. In any business, the two steps you want to take to get promoted Are to work hard and network. That does mean that it's not always the best worker that gets promoted, instead, it is the best-networked worker that gets the promotion.

  • They promote who they like not who works harder.. its very hard to get promoted

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  • Honestly depends on the store and how well you do at the job, I was promoted in just over 3 months, I know someone who got interviewed and promoted to a DM spot in 3 weeks. Its up to management, but the technical policy is 6 months.

  • You can only be promoted if you've worked in your position for 6 months minimum (which is already a hurdle for most) and have never been written up or had a sick day. So good luck with that. Even then they'll probably go with someone else that they've played favorites with since day 1.

  • At my store, impossible. They were more regularly firing managers than hiring. There was no upward momentum at all unless corporate forced an opening.

  • I was hired as a regular associate, started in electronics on 11/1/18... I worked hard, did a great job, employee of the month, and then some, and guess Walmart did for me after all that????? 6 months after I was hired Walmart bounced me over department manager, and promoted me to customer support, 7 works later, after totally CRUSHING the Support Manager job, I've been put in for Assistant Manager...Yes I have worked my *as off however, EVERY STEP of the way my supervisors, AND WALMART has noticed!!! Walmart so so wants their associates to succeed, because they know everyone succeeds then... I have never in my life been in a company that will promote so quickly in compensate so graciously as Walmart..The key??? Give Walmart an honest days work, and take care of the customers,(who by the way put the food on our proverbial table) and Walmart will give you EVERY OPPORTUNITY to succeed, and advance... It's really just so simple!! The greatest employer I've ever had!!

  • Getting promoted at Walmart is easy for people who kiss a.. or know someone that will give in good word for them. I find it unfair because someone who just steps into the door can be a supervisor and a person who was their for years will be turned down. I feel like they don’t hire managers or supervisors because of their skills only because of how good they kiss their as .. been there and done it all ;I rather be homeless than ever work for that type of company again. Horrible place .. Beware and it takes time to realize what a huge impact they do on an individual, if you don’t leave on time you will loose your mind

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  • How hard or easy is it to get promoted if you're just a regular store employee at Walmart?