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About Walters & Wolf

Walters & Wolf is a proud group of companies that hold their employees, their families, and its customers in the highest esteem. We must always provide the opportunity for our employees to reach their potential. We must always work together for the benefit of the whole through leadership, teamwork, and constant improvement. Our quality products and – 
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Office Buildings

We believe every office landscape is unique, and we believe that by building superior quality into each corporate environment, we ultimately influence productivity, enhance employee retention, and ensure a more satisfying workplace experience for our clients. Our best work makes your work better.

Education and Research

We place great importance in the pursuit of knowledge. We've had many opportunities to help build such esteemed institutions of education, and this gives us great honor. Challenges inherent in our work remind us that illumination doesn't end at graduation.

Hospitality and Gaming

Walters & Wolf takes pride in crafting eye-arresting cladding for some of the premier places for recreation, relaxation, and adventure. Whether we're building the entrance to a luxury hotel or we're erecting a chromatic curtain wall composed of light beams for a casino, we have the house edge.

Public Assembly and Sports Facilities

We wrap unconventional convention centers so that their very surfaces magnify the energy of the events held inside, providing an extraordinary experience. We outfit sports venues with precast concrete. metal panels and glass, all with a fan's obsession to detail. When our work brings thousands and thousands of people together, we've won.

Hospital and Medical Centers

When we require dependable help with our own wellness, we turn to hospitals and clinics. When hospitals and clinics require new facilities, they turn to us. Our work envelops some of the premier health centers across the West Coast, and that makes us feel good.