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What is the work environment and culture like at Wells Fargo?

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Working in WholeSale Loan is toxic. Management is micro-mangers. Don’t dare talk to neighbor without being drilled why. Try going to HR for assistance and get punished later. They are all about “No Retaliation “ company but.... I’ve seen it happen.

If i can compare working at Wells Fargo to being in jail
At least in jail you can talk to your cell mate I can’t even speak to a coworker without being grilled by my drill Sargent of a boss I cannot

Believe this place

I met some of my best friends at this hellhole, but the management is AWFUL. They only care about your sales numbers, because that directly affects THEIR bonus. The work/life balance is atrocious - the department I was in required at least 5 hours of overtime EVERY WEEK with no exceptions for anyone - not those of us with children, not those of us who worked 2 jobs, nothing. That went on for more than 5 years! I finally got fired after being there almost 10 years, for refusing to go along with their unethical sales goals. I don't regret it for a moment - leaving Wells Fargo behind set me free - it was before their terrible sales practices became public. Leaving Wells Fargo was the best thing that could have ever happened to me - for my integrity and my sanity.

Sweatshop atmosphere; rampant nepotism.

Its wonderful

It is a horrible company at the top and it shows favoritism in all departments.

As a manager you are accountable for everything from day one, whether you have had the proper training or not. The training is bare minimal to check a box to say you did it, then no follow up or refresher to enhance or keep the skills. Then you are set loose and the DM rarely shows up maybe once a quarter. When you ask for help, rather than actually helping, you get some fluffy answer or a promise that is never delivered on. Simply put the workload of all employees is so heavy that if you fall behind you can never catch up. So for DM's instead of actually helping, they put everything back on you and hope for the best, but make sure to pit it as an opportunity in your reviews since they have nothing else to write because they dont come around to observe.

Horrible place to work , every call you take your being verbally attacked! Since Wells Fargo been in the news just about every other call the customers are bashingyou. And the amount of fraud that happens on these customers accounts make you think it’s an inside job ! Just for us to have back to back calls ! The managers only like you if your a butt kisser ! They watch you like a hawk and stalk your ever move ! “Coaching” sessions are basically a time where they pull out every single thing that is negative and degrade all of the good things you do by asking what could you have done better, even if it was the best call ever ! Breaks are way too short and every time your off the phone you gotta explain your every move. It’s all about number numbers numbers!!

Fake. Every person in management that I met only got to that point by kissing butt and not actually being good at their jobs.

Management was exempt from working OT. Family life meant nothing to them. Also family leave was frowned upon. They didn't really care about the employee band their health.

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