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Payment Processing Specialist

Wendell, NC

$10 - $12 an hour
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30+ days ago

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Payment office in Wendell, NC
on June 10, 2020
You Really DONT want to work here
So back when i worked at Wendell Auto Brokers it was a very negative toxic environment. No consistency and management was Corrupt. Shady things go on behind closed doors that they try to hide like lemons. Nothing is done professionally or friendly at all. They only care about making money and getting their way with lies. Former employees were wrongfully terminated and the turn over is terrible. You are only paid 10 an hour which is not sufficient for the amount of work and the kind of stuff you have to put up with. No one can survive these days on 10 dollars an hour. Then on top of that no health insurance is offered. The manager is never prepared and breaks rules every day! Some employees are treated like the managers "assistant" and that is a nice way of putting it. If you have an interview for this place just dont show up it is falsely advertised. Overall this was a terrible experience and lets just say if OSHA were to ever show up their they would be shut down i researched some of the practices and many rules were broken. I got out of their as fast as i could so that i didn't get caught up in anything else shady they are doing. If you have an interview either cancel or just dont show up its not worth the stress and frustration and you can find a way better job
Payment Clerk in Wendell, NC
on December 4, 2019
If I could rate it a zero I would
My experience as a payment clerk, how do I put this nicely, WAS TERRIBLE. Now first thing is first, the job alone is super easy, can’t complain about that. If you have graduated high school and don’t make plans to go back, I suggest you keep your distance from this place. This job has a manager that makes it her priority to show she puts certain employees above others and stands them out. This job constantly took a mental and emotional toll on me day after day. Everyday you are reminded that there are “cliques” between the employees that suck up to the manager and those that have dignity to just focus on their work and get the job done. Management, she needs to either be replaced or change her style overall. Like I said, she constantly is playing favorites, gives attitudes over minor things or if you have a question about something, cares nothing about your feelings and will constantly make you do things that aren’t even in our job description to be her “personal assistant”. During my first couple of weeks at WAB I noticed an amount of employees dropping. They were all very unhappy working with her and this is the very reason so many long term employees ended up leaving. Every month there are new employees. Over the time of me being there( just a few months) there was a total of 4 people that quit. If this does not change, eventually there will be no employees. This could also do with the staff at the dealership. You will start there and everyone seems so nice and friendly, but that’s because you are new. You will NEVER be properly trained and they will throw you from person to person. You will constantly hear how some people “hate training new people” and will make you feel like such a burden when you have questions, as well as yell at you when you do something wrong. It is terrible since everyone does something different. Not to mention the non-stop gossip. As I stated before, unless you want to go back to high school, I would suggest staying as far away from this establishment as possible. Side note, love going to lunch at almost 3 everyday? Well then this job is perfect for you seeing as how no other employee cares to take turns and will rush to leave at 12 so they’re first to take a lunch. You only have a 30 minute non-pay lunch, however managers favorites will be gone for almost an hour, but do you think they clock out that whole time? No! They will go get there lunch, come back THEN clock out, eat, CLOCK IN, take an additional 20-30 mins of just goofing around, and if you’re lucky then they will come back to work. FURTHERMORE, If you think you are applying to be a payment clerk, well you’re wrong. I can tell you, this application does not mean anything to the manager. If she sees you as a great asset she will hire you and then put you on sales so be warned. Now another thing about working here, when you are put in sales, you will be stuck there. There is no “maybe she needs me just for today” NO! That is your new position. Sales would be fun if you got commission and still left at a reasonable hour, but YOU DO NOT!!! You are left to bend over and backwards and stay late almost daily for any customer, weather it’s just 5 mins or maybe 2 hours past closing, it does not matter to anyone. Now tell me, is working 2 hours past closing with no commission really worth it? Absolutely not!! You’re expected to devote your time to this company for a maximum of $10 an hour, it’s not worth it. Another tip, wether they say no weekends, you are required to work every other Saturday. If you don’t, you will constantly hear it from your coworkers.
Sales / Payment in Lizard Lick, NC
on November 1, 2019
Please change
First things first, the roles themselves are easy. It’s not a hard job by any means, just very detailed oriented and can be long hours. But during my time there I did notice some things that could be very VERY helpful. First things first, management. She needs to either be replaced or change her style drastically. From playing favorites, to giving attitudes over minor things, in my time there I noticed all the employees were very unhappy working with her, and this is the very reason so many long term employees ended up leaving and every month there’s new employees. If this keeps going they’re not going to have any employees left. If anyone higher up is reading this please see this as a sign that she is not helping your company. Also if you end up in sales just note that there’s no commission. You are left to bend over and backwards and stay late almost daily for any customer but with no incentive since you’re not making any money from that. Also you’re expected to devote your time to this company for for a maximum of $11 an hour it’s not worth it.
Payment Clerk/Sales in Wendell, NC
on October 6, 2016
Very fast paced office especially during tax season. Sales and payment office held in one location and solely sales at another.
Working in the payment office was fun as the manager was great; however the sales office was not a desirable working environment. There is an employee in the sales office that makes good employees leave yet they keep her for some reason.
Payment Clerk in Wendell, NC
on August 26, 2014
Work in the heart of Lizard Lick and see the stars
Very fast paced, diverse environment with customer interaction at all times with a family owned company.
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