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The WMC Experience is an ongoing adventure for building social skills and creating lifetime memories in a safe, beautiful, natural environment. It’s wonderfully crazy and it’s different from our normal, everyday lives. Camp provides time to “unplug” from electronic devices and step outside to try to expand our understanding and experience of our unique – 

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December 8, 2021
Thanks to Project Real Job through the American Camp Association, camps like ours can share just how essential working at a summer camp can be for those wishing to pad their resume, gain life skills, and boost their career goals. Take a look at the picture for more info.

Why WMC?

Interview with campers and staff on the last day of one of our youth camp sessions.

"The Camper is Number One"

A ridiculous 2012 music video we put together. It's... well, its something! Ah, its fun and it give a great glimpse of the fun people, awesome facilities, and excellent campers we have the opportunity to work with! It's over-the-top but makes very clear that our goal to put the camper first and be as inclusive as possible to everyone. No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here. Our bread and butter are faith-based camps, but as a nonprofit we want everyone to feel welcome to explore the outdoors, make friends, and build community. So, we work with schools, nonprofits, families, sports teams and more. Formerly owned and operated by the United Church of Christ, now owned and operated by White Memorial Camp Management Group, Inc.

Why would anyone work at a summer camp?

Hear from former WMC staff and volunteers! This is from several years ago, and we're working to create newer content! But for now the message in this video stays the same with our staff today.

Benefits of working at a camp: ACA Project Real Job

This content was created by the American Camp Association Project Real Job. Camps shared their videos as to why they work at camp. This content is free for all camps to use in order to emphasize the benefits of working for a summer camp. We feel strongly that our camp, like other camps, have the same experiences and passion shared in these videos. Take a look to see why so many choose o work at summer camps. Beyond the joy and meaningful experiences you'll have, working at a summer camp benefits you as a staffer well beyond your time spent with us. See our business profile or website for more info on how working at a camp can benefit you and your career long term.