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Whole Foods was founded in 1980 on the belief that where food comes from, and how it’s grown, matters. It meant creating quality standards, working with suppliers who achieve them, and sharing that information with our customers. And it radically changed the way people understood and shopped for food.

The result has been the highest quality natural and organic products, an unmatched experience in more than 460+ stores, with a passionate team of over 86,000 team members, 5 percent of our total net profits given back to our communities each year, and millions of customers who put their trust in us every day.

Your Life at Whole Foods Market

Since day one, we’ve worked hard to build the best environment for all 86,000+ Whole Foods team members. We’ve been on Fortune’s Best Places to Work list every year for 20 years straight. Only 12 companies have achieved this. Ever. When you work at Whole Foods, we take care of you.

What We Stand For

Our core values don't change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person. These are the values that are the underpinning of our company culture.

We live these values every day in every single store across the world. It’s how we’ve become the leader in providing the highest quality foods and services available.


About Whole Foods Market

• Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ: WFM) is the leading natural and organic food retailer, and one of the most vibrant lifestyle brands in the country.

• We have been named one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” in America by FORTUNE magazine for the last 20 years.

• Our company's motto, “Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet™”
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  • "Here’s the exact moment I knew Whole Foods Market was for me…
I had lived up north at the time, working two jobs, and was spending more time at Whole Foods than I was in my apartment. The Team Members seemed happy and were encouraging me to apply when I’d visit. Within a week of getting hired and into training, I knew it was going to be one of the best places I ever worked.
In 2014, I was hired as a part-time closing Team Member in the Lamar Prepared Foods department. I worked my way to a full time position within six months, and became an opener. Then I was hired as a Buyer/Order Writer/Specialist for Prepared Foods between 2016 and 2017. From that position, I got hired into Global on the Data Integrity/Operations Teams in 2019.
I help load and maintain register sales for Prime Member Deals and other promotions. I think the ability to resolve a sale issue in a matter of seconds so that a refresh can be sent to the stores across the company, and a guest get the price they were expecting, is pretty cool."
-Stacey W., Team Member #teamwfm
  • "Hey there, I'm Jess! Senior Analyst on the Global Pricing Analytics Team. My dream to work for Whole Foods Market came true three years ago. Can I tell you a little about the love story?
Do I look proud? It's because I grew these carrots at the Deep Root Garden, a WFM sponsored community garden just outside our HQ offices. I had a few minutes in between meetings, so I went to my plot and dug up a few fresh carrots to bring back. It's probably one of the 💚Whole Foodsiest💚 things I have ever done…
Moving to Austin meant reconnecting with ✨Evan✨, my right-hand-man and dedicated study buddy from engineering undergrad. We’ve been friends since 2008 and now… we're dating! Our weekend routine includes meeting friends for brunch at our favorite plant-based food truck.
I was drawn to Whole Foods because of the focus on all-encompassing health and wellness. You see this with the yoga mats and bikes stuffed around desks, rainbow plates of meals in our kitchens, and ‘occupied’ indicators on our meditation rooms. Meeting with a health coach in our on-site Medical and Wellness Center helped me bring down my cholesterol 100 points!
Friends and family know I love eating, cooking, and talking about food. My passion for the subject shines through whether I’m sharing dishes at the table or presenting information at formal events. This is a photo from my first international conference in 🇿🇦South Africa🇿🇦! Was I nervous? Not really. Participation in our Team Member-founded Toastmasters club (Whole Wheat Toastmasters, of course) helped me polish my public speaking skills and take my story building strengths to the next level. (Thanks guys!)
Do I look ridiculous in tie dye? When I hear the word "plant-based" I turn as if someone called my name. Through relationships made during the Whole Foods Total Health Immersion - a week-long, company-sponsored wellness retreat focusing on nutrition education, physical fitness, and mental health strategies - I was able to volunteer at 🥦Camp Plant-Stock🥦, an annual event bringing together plant-based doctors and industry leaders. I look forward to speaking at this year’s event in August!”
-Jessica P., Team Member
  • “In 2016, I had recently finished chemotherapy, beat cancer (!!!), and was ready to get back to work. I knew that going straight into a full-time job was probably not the best idea, so my search for a meaningful part time job began.
In August 2016, I started as a part-time cashier at the Lamar store. I quickly moved into a Demo Specialist role that allowed me to indulge in my passion for food and engaging with guests on a more personal level.
What brought me to Whole Foods was the desire to work with like-minded people who I knew would bring out the best in me, both mentally and physically. I grew up with parents who primarily shopped at health food stores, cooked home meals and practiced an overall healthy lifestyle. This ideology has stuck with me and is why I felt at home when beginning my career at Whole Foods.
My professional background prior to Whole Foods was in Advertising, so when I started in the store there was always the hope that I would be able to transition into a Global position. Working in the store gave me a better understand of our guests and what they expect when shopping here.
After a couple years in the store, I felt ready to go back to a full-time “office” job and was fortunate to join the Global Data Operations team, where I’ve spent the past year expanding my knowledge for Whole Foods systems and learning about all the work that goes into getting an item on the shelf.”
-Krista G., Team Member #teamwfm
  • "Hi, my name is Nicole Whooley, and I analyze my favorite foods for a living."
Check out how Category Analysts bring your favorite products to the shelves in this story by Nicole Whooley! (Link in our bio)
#teamwfm #careerstory
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