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At Win-Sam, we operate and maintain our clients’ energy conversion facilities to produce steam, chilled water, and electricity. And we tend to work with clients that are doing significant things. Educating young minds, saving lives, performing cutting-edge research - those sorts of things. The last thing they need to be worrying about is how smoothly – more... and efficiently the equipment is performing in their plants. We take all of that off of their plates so that they can focus their energy on their world-changing endeavors.

Our methods are not proprietary. We just ensure that everything is done to the highest possible standards based on decades of experience and constantly evolving best practices. We make sure that the job is done right. Every job, every day. We are on-site 24/7/365, constantly monitoring and servicing the equipment to maintain peak efficiency and the longest possible service life. Nothing is insignificant. We routinely extend the life of our equipment to more than twice the manufacturers’ expectations.

The most important thing that we bring to every project is a change of culture. The Win-Sam culture is based on discipline, care, honesty, relationships, and having no excuses. With integrity, care, and discipline we own the challenges and the results, whether good or bad. And we always stand up and protect the client, no matter the situation. You could say that we’re in the plant operating business, but we’re really in the relationship business. Relationships with our people and with our clients. We pride ourselves on having strong relationships with our clients that allow them to trust what we’re doing so that they can focus on what makes them great.

At Win-Sam, we've got expertise, we've got passion, we've got purpose, we've got integrity, we've got a legacy, and we've got a need to serve. In short, we've got it.
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