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Improving your home should be a stress free and enjoyable experience, that’s why Yankee Home was established. After losing $2500 to a dishonest contractor, Founder Ger Ronan set out to create a “No Worries” home improvement company. Our mission is to become your contractor for life.

Junior Entrepreneur Days are open to children of our team members ages 10 and up!Ger and Joe with Edite after installing a free bath makeover. Story covered my Western Mass News.Dennis O'Connor - 2018 Employee of the YearOffice Christmas Celebration and Gift Exchange


In January, we announced an ambitious goal for 2019 along with our emphasis on "Working Together." This is going to be a big year for the Yankee Team and we are looking forward to celebrating with our company trip to Mexico in 2020!

Western Mass News: Yankee Home Helps Local Family

Full story originally posted January 8, 2019 by Western Mass News SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A Springfield woman is out $9,000 after a contractor bailed on the work she paid him to do. The nearly two-year-long ordeal marked a milestone on Tuesday after attracting the attention of some local contractors who pitched in to help. Edite Fragoso Sheldon's mothers bathroom needed a little bit of attention, so local contractors stepped into help. "When we got here there was a bad leak upstairs. All the water did a substantial amount of damage. It was left like that for a while, so there was mold growing. Very unsanitary, unsafe bathroom," said Project Manager Joe Frazio. All that damage to the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms after a contractor, named Jose Dias, failed to do the work that Edite's mother paid him to do in 2017. "She was really having a hard time getting in here. Between the smell of the mold, the ability to get into the shower with the ceiling falling down," said Sheldon. As Edite and her mother continued to wait for the issue to be resolved legally, which included a complaint filed with the Attorney General's Office, Western Mass News heard from local electrician Adam Reilly this past October. He wanted to personally help get the electrical work done at the home, which he did. Then word spread to his cousin with Yankee Home Improvement, a company Ger Ronan owns. "I'm on the Executive Board of the B.B.B., I get to see stories like this all the time. more than I care to and from a personal standpoint, this happened to me," said Ronan. Ronan told Western Mass News personal experience set them on the path to help Edite's mom out. "It was a ten I would say, it was bad," said Frazio. As his project manager explains it was quite a lot of work to take on in a two-day period. "We gutted all the damage out, we fixed the plumbing. Right now we're half way through here, put all the new sheetrock up. We've already done the acrylic walls in the bathroom, so it's a little less than 24 hours we got this done and we hope to finish this at some point today," Frazio continued. Western Mass News reached out to the Attorney General's Office regarding the status of the complaint filed by Edite and her mother and will update that information once we hear back on-air and online. https://www.westernmassnews.com/news/massachusetts/contractors-step-in-to-help-springfield-woman-rebuild-unfinished-bathroom/article_424a44dc-139f-11e9-a489-8b1ab283d6df.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share&fbclid=IwAR0ufx8V8qHuJYM9jT7y2AHn5SwH4azKHIZXUO8_GkfpZjOYPd9Akvqf7Hc

Western Mass News: Yankee Home awards $18,000 to local homeowner.

Western Mass News: Yankee Home awards $18,000 to local homeowner. Story Originally Appeared on Western Mass News January 25, 2019 Ryan Trowbridge, Jeff Cramer SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A Springfield homeowner had a big surprise Friday as she was the winner of $18,000 in home improvement costs free of charge. It was all thanks to a local contracting company helping out the community. It was a very exciting day for Laura Fuentes as she came home from work to see all of the commotion. Her home on El Paso Street in Springfield needed some work done to it after roof problems and leaking. Each year, Yankee Home Improvement ran a contest to win an $18,000 home makeover. Fuentes was the lucky winner this year and the company said she will now get a new roof, coming as a total shock to Fuentes. "I'm super excited and I think the news crew coming made it real because I'd still be like this isn't really happening. I'm overjoyed. There's no words to express," Fuentes noted. Fuentes said that she just signed up for the possibility to win. She didn't actually believe that she would. This is the second time that Yankee Home Improvement has done this. https://www.westernmassnews.com/news/contractor-surprises-springfield-homeowner/article_bf5a5c86-20f2-11e9-bfe0-074cc077fc07.html