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Personal Assistant - might be a job scam?!

I know some of you might have a similar situation like this, but I still want to share my story. I moved to Chicago 3 weeks ago and applied for this job via This company offered $72,000 for only an office clerk?! A few days later, a guy named Doug asked me to send over resume and cover letter to ***********?! I’ve never met a company communicated via Gmail. The next day, another guy named Brad told me this position was filled but referred me to one of their business partner, whose na...

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New Personal Assistant Scam

Good afternoon to whoever might have applied for a recent position as a Personal Assistant. I fell into this scam and would like to spread the word quickly before other people fall into this scam. The following emails are the ones I got. If you have also received a similar email then do not continue replying to the person nor do you want to call him out for it. If you call someones scam off then he/she will find another way to scam people. Feel free to leave a comment.

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Weird interview please advise

So, I interviewed last week via phone for an internet coordinator position at a local dealership. Hourly, the pay isn’t much more than minimum wage (around $9.30/hour) and requires every other Saturday. I did my second interview with a man I had never met then was called two days later to “interview” with the team I would be working with. This third “interview” consisted of a 2 hour long job shadow where I basically sat for two hours and watched/listened to how to do the job I may or may not get...

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3 yesterday

Why so difficult to get a new job in Seattle?

I've been able to land a group in-person interview, and phone interviews (which go well), but they always say they ended up going with an internal candidate or referral. Is this how Seattle works (or the entire Pacific Northwest), you have to know someone inside? I have a Master's degree and sought after /valuable Technology and Business skills. I have never had trouble finding new positions in other places like Los Angeles.

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Recruiter / Staffing Agency Scams?

After spending the day applying to several jobs that I'm qualified for, I realized NON of them were legit. There are so many fake staffing agencies on this website, it's unreal. They all respond with the same generic email asking for permission to release your resume to their clients and tell you to fill out a release form with your full name, DOB, Last 5 numbers of social and sometimes shift preference.I've started a list of fake/scam hiring agencies:- Systemart LLC.- IIC / INDOTRONIX INTERNATI...

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Where is your resume posted, that these scammers can find you?Take your resume off of the job web boards and off of Craigslist, and the scammers will disappear (after a while).Keeping a resume on Indeed is OK if you set the resume to be private.For all the advice to post your resume on various job boards, I simply don't believe that employers (not staffing agencies or recruiters) ever go looking for applicant resumes on those job boards. They don't need to... there's an abundance of applicants w...

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771 yesterday

Interview scheduling but still no date proposition

Hello .. I have applied to a certain job. Few days later i get an email from a talent consultant proposing dates for an initial phone call. All went well and he said he will get back to me at the end of the week if i made it to the next phase. He didn't - so I emailed the next week .. He replied thanking me for following up and proposed a date with the "hiring manager", i agreed to that date but i didn't get the Skype call (the job is abroad hence all is calls). I emailed him 45 mins after the p...

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4 yesterday

What does it mean when u receive a msg on an offer for u, after a job interview?

Can someone share some experience with me?  I had a few interviews recently,  and base what I realize is,  IF the interviewer finds that u r not suitable, or didn't meet their criteria, after they called u,  they will just end it there. If it's a face to face interview, I believe if u don't meet their criteria, it will most probably end There too. But I came across this interview that was quite Smooth and seem OK at first and left me wondering what's going on. It was a face to face interview aft...

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2 yesterday

Graphic Designers Beware of Job Scam using Indeed's Name

Job scam supposedly from Cintas, claiming that Indeed sent my resume to their office. Emails given to me are private "", not company. Here are the names and addresses: Marvelyn Tenille <> and Julianna Howard <cintascanadaonlinedesigners@gmail>.Interview done only by Google Hangouts. Pay for work at home is far too high at Cdn $45/hour at 35-40 hours/week. Got super fishy when I an not to visit the office at all, asked about my bank, and finishes off with...

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When you don't know the answer...

A candidate can be pro-active and prepare for an upcoming interview by preparing behavioral interview scripts and conducting a thorough review of background information on a company's website. The candidate can anticipate the topics of questions, based upon the duties described, plus the required and preferred elements listed in the job posting. By using the S-A-R (situation, assessment & action, and results) technique, the candidate can prepare stories (scripts) to convey the experience and acc...

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2 Monday

Things interviewers say that let's you know you won't get an offer

SHORT interviews-there is no substance, the interviewers have nothing much to say. I know some interviews may be brief, but if they only ask a few questions, it is not a good sign. I think an interview should be a half hour at the very least, but it can depend on the job. Anything under that seems bad to me (unless they specify it is a screening).When they just seem disinterested/like they are just going through the motions.When they ask questions that have nothing to do with the job and/or a...

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Has anyone heard of Deepfield Software company?

Hello, I received an email from a Dayna Mosley from Deepfield Software company offering me a job of Asset Manager. I think this is  a scam....too good to be true. Please see email below I received and let me know.   Deepfield Software, Inc. Our developers build custom software forstartups and large companies from the USA, UK, Europe, Israel, andother locations. We try our best to provide you with top softwaredevelopment servicesPosition: Asset ManagerType of employment:1. Full-time: 40 hours per...

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Suspicious job offer; advice and opinions?

I was contacted through email by a company named Canada Reporter who claims they saw my resume through the Indeed site. It is worth noting that I did not apply to this company, and they are claiming that they saw my resume through the Indeed site, like a candidacy. Their web site is and claim to be a major news reporter of worldwide coverage. You can see their website and it appears to be very non-descriptive about themselves. Sometimes when I call them, there's an automate...

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THIS IS WHAT THEY SENT ME!!!THEY ARE SCAMMERS, I FELT LIKE SOMETHING WAS FISHY BUT I COULDN'T CONFIRM UNTIL I READ SEVERAL FORUMS ON HERE THAT THIS  IS WHAT THEY ARE DOING, DONT CASH THE CHECK THEY TRY TO SEND YOU NOR SEND PERSONAL INFO.Hello ,Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the holiday? I'm glad you're interested in the Data Entry Job position I posted on indeed under Logan Financial Group. I usually would not hire anyone this way, but it's getting to a busy season, Christmas and New year. T...

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28 Monday

** SCAM ALERT ** Recruiting and Staffing

I'm sure and/or I hope this has been posted already.I applied for a administrative position and received an email from this company to set up an online webinar style interview. Not only did I receive and email but also a phone call and text reminding me of the time of the webinar interview. So I thought it was legit.So today I log in to the webinar chat room and sat through an hour worth of bot chat before being asked to pay $297 dollars to have access to the job I initially had applied for. Aft...

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Should I take a lower paying job for a shorter commute?

Hi all,I currently make a 1 hour round trip and make $17/hr. There's a job that I have a 2nd interview for next week that's $13/hr, but the commute would be about a 30 minute round trip commute.I went from making $15/hr to $17/hr, and to go back down to $13/hr makes me nervous because I don't know about how much I'd be making every week compared to now. Could I possibly negotiate the $13/hr up? Or don't try and just accept the closer position if they offer?

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Should I follow up?

I applied for a project management job back in December. About a week after I applied, I had a phone interview that I thought went pretty well. During the interview I was told I would receive an email for a preliminary background check, but "not to get my hopes up" because it didn't equate to a job offer.Fast forward to early January, I (finally) received the background check stuff, as well as some other application papers. Filled those out immediately and sent them back. After a couple more wee...

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5 Sunday

Robotic phone screens.

I've noticed a new trend to the phone screen process. It's just the same internal recruiters with the same script asking the same questions to screen people out and not even really personalizing anything to talk to you based on your resume and role. It's just like any position is the same thing. And for some reason it's the HR ones who happily say, "Is this a good time?" They have no interest in rescheduling, it's just another something to screen you out if you say it's not! Everything is a...

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Average typing speed

Today I came across a posting that requires a minimum type speed of 85 wpm. How many people can type that fast? Responding to daily emails gives everyone typing practice, but If I can type 60 wpm I am lucky, is this setting the bar too high?

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The struggle is real! tips for comfort

My experience of supporting individuals on the spectrum and failure to launch to obtain and maintain entry-level positions has led me to some very interesting topics. Some of the things that come across in our discussions are the small details that individuals don't pay much attention to. Noticing how common these topics are amongst this population, I think it'll be helpful to shine a different light on them. Taking it all the way back to base form I believe all the strategies presented can help...

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2 Saturday

MS can't find a job for 3 years. Need advice

I'll try to be as brief as possible.I hold a Master's in Molecular bio in with an award for best GPA in class - 3.8. Graduated in 2012I hold a Bachelor's in Biochem with a distinction for performing independent research and leading a team as an undergraduate (GPA = 3.5). Graduated in 2014.Ever since then I've been looking for a job. It has been over 3 long and frustrating years. I've sent out more than a thousand resumes to bio companies. I stopped logging/counting them around ~1200, which was p...

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bad breath

Interviewing potential job candidates, I find some very qualified but there is often a proble...bad breath! Who likes to work with others with bad breath? get close and you want to turn away and you often stop thinking about the task at hand and/or never want to work w/them again.How can you tell them to get their teeth claened/ maintain good oral hygiene w/o insulting them and/or crossing some legal issue and I get sued for being "offensive hurting their feeling" when in fact bad breath does ...

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Scam ?!?

I received this email and I’m pretty sure it’s a scam. Can anyone confirm ?  Dear Jessica,My name is Maya Belle, and I am a Human Resource Manager at "ClockXLogistics Inc." On behalf of our company, I am glad to inform you thatyou were selected for a screening process and a chance to apply for a"Operations Manager" position in your area. This is a highly demandingposition with excellent career growth and advancement opportunity. Wewould like to tell you more about the job. You can work full-time...

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7 Saturday