Where is your resume posted, that these scammers can find you?

Take your resume off of the job web boards and off of Craigslist, and the scammers will disappear (after a while).

Keeping a resume on Indeed is OK if you set the resume to be private.

For all the advice to post your resume on various job boards, I simply don't believe that employers (not staffing agencies or recruiters) ever go looking for applicant resumes on those job boards. They don't need to... there's an abundance of applicants who will apply for any posted job.

Yes, I understand that. It was on Indeed, Careerbuilder, and Linkin. I only had my email address but recently I had change settings on Indeed from Private. I believe that is how this person text me DIRECTLY. Of course, I changed it back to private.

No, I would never post my resume on Craigslist. There is too much bad stuff going on but I removed it from those other 2 places.

I was just wondering who in the world started this nonsense about interviewing on Google Hangout. I know technology is expanding but it just seems really inappropriate.
Its been going on for years now. Most people only notice it when they get back into the job market. That is how it was for me. Even though I haven't posted my resume online in years now, I still get the occasional scammer. Once they have your email address, changing it is the only way out.

That said, take your resume down off these boards. This is how they get you. Also, no legitimate company is going to interview on Google Hangouts or worse offer to send you a check. These are old scams.
I have applied to a few jobs that wanted me to interview by Google Hangout, and I replied to one and said that I don't have a webcam on my computer and cannot interview that way and they said that I can do it with a cell phone as well, I never replied back, and another had a time date and login all already arranged without confirming if I was available at that time, wanted to change to the next day as I already had an interview (in person) that would conflict with that and they just sent me a rejection a few weeks later.
So was legit? That is my question. I am not naive in thinking when you put your personal information out there that you might obtain this sort of thing but I have never experienced this sort of thing in the past when looking for a job.

It can be a hard pill to swallow when it comes to the job market and if I run into problems like this one, I would like to WARN others. Even the emails look legit but their manner of contacting you with a PERSONAL EMAIL is also a red alert.
Myra didn't say it was legitimate... she said her Google Hangout interviews never happened.

The bottom line: Real companies have real company email addresses, not Gmail addresses. Real companies may use Google Hangout for meetings, but there are so many scam artists trying this that you should just say no to all of them.
I understand what she said...

And it is not just the "Google Hangouts" that are a fraudulent scam, but there are many MORE. I wanted to see if anyone else had this experience or not. My inquiry is NOT just to share my experience but also to alert others of the signs of a scam, as well.

Thank you for your feedback. It's very helpful.

Again, take your resume off these boards. The first rule of Internet marketing is to "get that email address". This is where it all starts.

A real company is NOT going to use Google Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, offer you $35.00 an hour, let you work from home, offer to send you a check or hide behind a Gmail email address. This is just the modern version of the chain letter. Its bunk.
I had one of these people come to with this "style" of interview, but through one of the freelance websites I have an account on. At first, I accepted their proposal, but when I couldn't even find their website anywhere in Google, I also got suspicious and didn't bother to show up. I'm glad I didn't go further. Thanks for this thread!
I just received an email today at 5AM from a Carson Walter (car . walter at kruger . com) and he said that I applied for their Admin Assistant ad on Ziprecruiter and would like to interview me online "ASAP" in Google Hangouts and I read this at 6:30AM. I was excited & confused at the same time like interview me right now with my wokeuplikethis face? I've probably sent out a total of 22 job applications by now for Admin Assistant on Indeed & Ziprecruiter so I was trying to remember the company but I couldn't and even checked my "applied jobs list" to review the company but it's not in my list. I decided to go ahead with the interview since I remember applying for a recruitment company and maybe they forwarded me to a client. Their hiring manager who "interviewed" me is Roselyn Mariano (roselyn . mariano1954 at gmail) and her texts on hangouts was very unprofessional. She was clearly chatting with someone else because she'd reply to questions I didn't ask. Her picture was a penguin too and she didn't even ask for my experience, she emailed their company profile "Kruger Inc.", which I found on Google but the whole thing was just so off. And she sent me a job description that I will be working online from home and also mentioned a really "too-good-to-be-true" compensation & benefits package. She sent me a questionnaire too of times I'd like to work, if I have a printer etc but so far no personal questions were asked like my ID, SSN or bank details. I think they were reeling in to get to that so they don't look suspicious but I already was. I asked her if they used a recruitment company to post on Ziprecruiter for them because I know I didn't apply for an online job. And she insisted that my name & email was sent to their company & towards the end of the conversation she typed "u" instead of "you" & I'm like... yup total scam! Bye Felicia! They only got my name and email but I have 2 emails. Google & Yahoo. I use yahoo for these sites & this is why.
FYI I was contacted by a person claiming to work for Healthcare Services Group. The name was Sylvia Jackson via text (can't post #) to arrange a hangout interview with a person named Johann Klimt (***********). Glad I have a strong Human Resources/Compliance background. As soon as we engaged in chat interview (phone call was declined) my spidey sense knew something was amiss. Told Johann I suspected a scam, he immediately responded I was arrogant and will not get the job. HA! I did contact the company & they are aware this is happening.
I received the text on Saturday 6/3/2017 from Kesther Moore and was asked to add the person name David Hunter on hangout account. The company name they used was DuPont. He interviewed me for 1 hour and the job was administrative assistant from home. The package deal was too good to be true and he sent me list of things that I will need to have to start the training. The company will mail the check of $4900 via fed ex and to make sure I am home to sign off for the check. I asked for an acceptance letter which they scan email me . The letter has no one information to reach back. I sent an email to DuPont and they informed me it is a scam and I should report it right away . Please DO NOT go for hangout interviews and DO NOT provide any information online if you are not sure .
Thanks for all these posts...I just went through the same thing when I received an email from a "supposed" interviewer (Duke Simpson?) from OneKingsLane (legitimate business) for a freelance Graphic Designer position in Austin, TX. I went to their website and saw no office or position listed in Austin. I smelled something fishy, but sent my cover letter and resume anyway. Then I received a email back from HR (Sue Jessi Parker?) to set up my Google Hangouts account to set up assessment/interview. I looked up both their names on LinkedIn and Google and did not see any results for these "people". I contacted OneKingsLane to let them know and some of my tech buddies to track down these scammers. Sleep lightly scammers...
Actually, some companies do go looking for the resume on those job boards. I used to be a manager for a company (I will leave it nameless), and they had me search Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn for people that were interested in our company. I would then contact them, if I felt comfortable doing it, or I would send the person's information to the HR department. It is really a basic practice in business believe it or not. The thing is, they are looking for people who have experience, and they know that in a lot of cases, the people who have experience aren't looking for a job with them. A lot of people are looking to get out of their field, but a lot of them are professionals in their field. If that makes sense.

These Google Hangouts interviews though are scams usually. I've had quite a few of these pop up, and I only ever went through the first one. I didn't give any information and ended up telling the "hiring manager" all about himself. He eventually knew I knew he was scamming me and left the Hangout. I just got another today. That's why I'm here. They use real company names, but the email is usually poorly written. That's usually the tell-all sign that it's a scam.

Good luck in your job search!!
I'm glad I found this thread. I just finished an "interview" on Google Hangouts with someone who didn't even bother to read my answers, but then told me I'm a good fit for the position. I'm feeling very gullible and foolish right now for letting it get this far, but fortunately they don't have any valuable identifying info.
The company they're hiding behind is legitimate and based in Missouri. They say they want me to work from home and pay 20$ an hour for simple work. I looked up the person interviewing me on Google and Rockbill Morgan does not exist. Simply a made up name.
I was contact by a person offering me a job at Bristol Myers Squibb, working at home. I had the interview on google hangout and have never even talk to this person and was offered the job. Strange thing what company would hire a person unseen and never spoke to on the phone. I could be a teenager just playing around trying to get a job. Another is the person is suppose to be head of HR at Bristol Myers Squibb and yes I have a Bristol myers email address well it's supposed to be. Also I call the company and explain myself and they told me that the person does work for BMS and their title is Head of HR, and the person is on Linkedin picture and all. Plus the same picture shows up on google hangout. However, I just feel something is wrong here. Any suggestions, hate to lose out on a job that might be legit.
SO! I am new to looking for a job. I've been employed for many years. Since moving I am not job hunting. I received an email from someone saying they were with Convergent and had received my resume and wanted to set up a "Google Hangout Interview". Leary about it, I did it anyway. I was then told I was hired at a very high rate of pay. They would send me a computer and a check to help pay to set up my "home office". I knew it was too good to be true. They sent an offer of employment and a W-2. I asked all kinds of questions like "why can't I speak to someone", if you MUST use Google Hangouts, "why don't you have Google Apps so that it's your actual domain", and "why is there no real contract" etc.. Was told all of that would be addressed in another meeting the next morning. I said I would not send a W-2 or any other information until we actually have everything in place (deep down I knew this wouldn't happen) Well, a check arrived at my door via FedEx the next morning for $3,996.00! (no signature require or anything). The plain paper ink-jet letter with it said that it was to be used for office furniture and to not do anything until I spoke to the HR person who hired me. The person said informed me to immediately take the check and send her a picture of the deposit slip "for confirmation". NO WAY! It has my acct info on it I said. She then said, "Don't waste your time, the check will be canceled". Be careful out there! I don't know how many ppl actually fall for this!
I am so glad to have followed my instincts! I received a text this morning from the "Hiring Manager, Mrs. Claudia P. Harrington" at The Capital Group Inc. She requested an interview via Google Hangout.
As a heads up, I have also received requests from staffing companies who want me to give information such as my SSN and DL#. No legit staffing service will ever ask for this prior to interview and job offer!
I agree with everything that has been said here. I can say that because I came across an email just today asking for a job interview and the person wanted me to use Google Hangouts. I've been in IT long enough to know if something is just not right, and the whole email looked fishy. To make a long story short, I never replied back to them and have not heard from them since. I will keep a watch for the next similar email to come across, and if this happens again, I will not hesitate to either change my resume back to private or delete it altogether from that job board. Please be watchful, job seekers, your very lives depend on it. Thanks and God bless you!
i just got a text saying they wanted to interview me for a position at Valve Software Corporation. for those out there that don't know them, they created Steam, they're an online gaming software company. i ask what the position was at valve and they gave me a list of office jobs that have nothing to do with the company as far as i could tell. sucks though, would've loved to work at Valve but if you get a text or email saying they found ur resume online its a scam.
I recently just was in a conversation and quickly removed myself. The company appeared to be real, but same exact situation. It was work from home until the Chicago office was open. At $25/hr

You know that feeling "..if it seems too good to be true"?

Yeah! Of course I would consider it, I've been job searching for months. But man this was a new low! So glad to have found this to see I'm not the only one.

I blocked her on google hangouts but I do have her email address.
Samething happened to me. But I did the deposit over the phone and only gave the confirmation number. They then asked me about my debit card, when I asked why was that needed. The lady said to purchase my supplies. Then she proceeded to tell me to keep $100 for my self but to take out 3100.00 check was for 3450 and to take a picture of the money for record purposes. So when I asked what was the reason for the large withdraw. I told her I've never had to take a picture of the money for record purposes. She said are questioning the company procedures. I said I'm trying to familiarize myself with the procedure said just take the money out. So then I told her I was being questioned by my bank because of the large withdrawal. But never got a response back. This is a scam.
I just received a text from a Mr. Marcus Lawal who states he's a hiring member of the firm Tungsten Corporation, plc. He stated he was contacting me about my resume posted (no he did not state where it was posted). Then he went on to name the positions and stated the positions were in my state (never stated a town). I told him the positions were not inline with my resume (which they weren't even close). He asked if I had a gmail and that he would conduct the interview on Google hangout. I told him I don't have a gmail and I don't interview on Google Hangout. He said ok and went away (for now).
I received one of these google hangout interview requests today from a company called Catalent that is a legitimate company with a professional website and the gentleman's email had after his name. But it does seem iffy because it's work from home with a high hourly rate.
Thank you for posting the experiences you had with Google Hangouts job interviews. Something in my gut told me it was a scam, but I still gave them my address & email like a dummy. I was hired after a short interview and told my offer papers would be emailed to me in the morning. As I would with any potential employer, I did my research & found out it was a scam before giving them any more pertinent information. BEWARE!!! My interviewer's name on Hangouts is Alexa Syracuse.
I also received an email from a Doug Woods of Dpr construction last sept 20 and replied back with the answers from his get to know you questions for a personal asst role. I google the company it was legit, doug woods happen to be one of the co-founder as well. He replied yesterday that i got the position. We chatted at Hangout and will conduct an orientation tomorrow morning. Good thing I saw this forum and now aware of what's going on. I admit I am gullible at first. The email was from him
I was new to everything here. First time in the country though. Thank you for this forum.
Hello everyone! I also got an email from Catalent requesting a Google Hangouts interview from an Alexa Winford at

A Mr. Steven Hickman was also mentioned I attempted to look them up on LinkedIn and couldn't find them. They are probably fake names. The following day after the interview I was given pretty legitimate looking offer letter and non disclosure agreement form. I am still skeptical of this because if you google Catalent offer letter you could find one and just copy and paste it. The only thing is, is that my contract had a watermark in the background of the company logo. This is probably a scam, thank god I have not given any of my pertinent information.
I went through the same thing a few months ago. I’m currently in a dead end job working the night shift, and I’m trying to move on from it. Naturally, when I got a text for a interview I was excited. I found the google hangout request odd. They were an insurance company telling me I would get a laptop work from home. As soon as they asked for my bank info I felt uncomfortable and ended the interview.

Please aware of these scammers.
Yep, just had one myself. I'm sure Intersil Corporation would like to know that they are being used in a scam so I will be calling them. Contacts were Jessica Jones *********** and Mrs Susan Smith ***********. I thought this was kind of odd and had a bad feeling about it anyway so I just played a point. Last message I received was that I was 'ripe for the position' and she would get back to me in 10 minutes....that was 28 minutes ago. What is this world coming to?!!
Oct 10, 2017 Solution
Congratulations! Our recruitment team has reviewed your resume referencing the AD for the position of an Office Admin Assistant/Receptionist/Data Clerk Position you applied for on Job Score and indeed 

Your resume was shortlisted for an online interview with one of the HR Manager Mrs  Juliet Wood and he would like to conduct an on-line interview with you as soon as possible to discuss more about the pay scale, benefits and Job Position that you are yet to occupy.  

As we proceed you will get to know more and understand better
I went through the same thing, but it went to a low blow. This woman contacted me through text message first and then invited me to google hang out. Asked me all these questions about where do I see myself doing in five year you basic interview questions. Mind you the company is McCann health care. I went along with the interview because I’ve been looking for a job for the up coming holidays. But this woman actually fedex me a check and told me to deposit it. So I went to my bank and good thing the teller was on my side. She said it was a real check but the funds weren’t their. So I had to file a claim and get the cops involved. I used to to trust indeed sights now I’m like you can’t trust anything anymore
He informed me that this company does not do this google hangout interview and that its a scam coming out of russia targeting people in the job market. He also informed me that because I answered that call that they possibly could've hacked my phone or installed malware to get into my bank account information or any apps that have auto pay. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. He told me I should call my bank and put either a freeze on my account or have them keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Which I am about to do. But aside from that for anyone else out there that has had this happen, what else should I do or has anything else happened to anyone? Any feedback is welcome (so long as you dont call me a dumbass because Ive already come to this conclusion alone lol)

Thanks guys!
Hey Sam. By chance did they ever state anything about receiving a check in the mail via fedex? I dealt with that whole thing as well just a few days ago and now. I literally received a check from the company I was supposedly hired on with for the amount of $3,610.17. Told I had to deposit it and send a snapshot of my deposit slip. I went to the bank and spoke with the banker as I'd be suspicious since the interview last Friday. I told her everything that was going on and that I was having a hard time trying to decipher everything and she said that the checks do look real, but that it seems very strange. She straight up told me not to deposit the check. For one I could be charged a fee for it to bounce back and just that it really didn't look right. She literally stated that the moment I showed her along with the letter it came with. Now I've also been trying to contact the company Perrigo (the company I'm supposedly with) but whenever I work my way through the options on the automated system to get to an actual HR rep the call always drops. Now going back to the check, it doesn't show the name Perrigo on it like I thought it would. Instead it has a different company name listed as "monteleone & mccrory, llp" and the memo says "services of subpoenas". Initially they sent me a direct deposit form and I said that I wasn't going to fill it out until I saw the check since there was already a delay. I said that I was already suspicious of them cuz I don't know the company, I'd never heard of them, etc. And he said he understood. Now when it came to the snapshot if I deposited the check, I said no that I already declined the dd form and that this slip will have all my info. He stated that I can just mark it off with a black marker. Now in the email that I received for the dd form along with my "offer letter" it had a name listed there of someone from the company in the HR dept. I know you can easily change things in emails from a prior sender or make it look (next post)
that way. I've seen it done before. I basically told him (Jeremy T. Curtis) what my issues were and it was just a long list that I gave to him. I told him that unless he somehow has proof of this job legitimacy and can convince me, I'd have to reconsider. The last thing he said to me was that the check was as good as funds. That was like 2 hours ago lol. He hasn't left the conversation, but he's not fighting back either. So I believe I caught him!!

Overall everything that everyone's listed has been very truthful and accurate, if not precise, on these "job offers".
I fell for the Google hang outs scam as well. Sent me a check for $4,790.00 for software needed for the position. The female identified her self as Mrs. Jennifer Corey from Atlanta. I did a search of her name and the company name she provided Intersil Corporation and the bank the check was issued from KeyBank National Associations. I was able to find a company by the name of Intersil, however the type of business Intersil is per their web page is NOT what this Jennifer person was saying it is nor is it located in Atlanta Ga where she claims to live. This check from KeyBank was issued under the name of a gentleman with Remax Realty Centre in Monroevilla PA. I have a phone call in to this gentleman to alert him that he too is being compromised. I am so upset with myself for falling for this scam. I have been out of work since October 2016 and things are getting very slim here so I was so happy to have found something only to have it slap me right in the face. I did not deposit this check thank goodness. All scammers need to burn in He**.
This happened to me today. The person was named Jeff Schosser and was supposedly from Tanium, Inc. The email actually came through a legitimate work from home company that I applied at and just waiting on me EIN to start picking up jobs. For that reason I thought it was real. I googled Jeff and found out that his last name was really Schlosser and this person spelled it wrong. I found him on linkedIn and he does work for the company. The person I talked to not only spelled his own name wrong in his gmail, but also had the picture of a DIFFERENT Jeff Schlosser that was also on linkedIn for his id picture on google hangouts. I played along once I figured this out and had also found this webpage. When it got to finally giving him my address I said nope I was done and regretted what information I had already given him.

Tanium has to do with cyber security they would never send out a check like that!! What a waste of my time but now I know and I have contacted the company that sent me the email and I will also send an email to Tanium.
I was contacted by someone claiming to be from sharecare inc. They conducted the "interview" through google hangouts. It was a 4 day process every morning, claiming to send me a check to purchase my at home office equipment. They sent me a fraudulent check for $4,044.17 to purchase the equipment. I contacted sharecare inc. and they said that was not the hiring process they use. I also called the bank name that was on the check to verify that it was fraudulent. Please be CAUTIOUS when dealing with online interviews. I VOIDED the check and tore it up. Do NOT give up any valuable information online.
I was told I had been selected for a job at but I had to have Google Hangout.ihad I was told to do everything I was asked by saying okay, I agreed with an, “okay." I was given the history which I had already researched as well as it’s location.

Long story short, after a few more okays, He provided his name, age and then asked me to provide my name, DOB, marital status and location (I guess he thought my name was Boo Boo the Fool). I informed him that I was not comfortable providing PII. It was at this time that he informed me that we could go not go any further with the interview. I said thank you and ended the communication.