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Vector marketing-- Big scam

This company calls you for an interview, and some people as soon as they walked back would walk right back out. Well come to find out he says that if he didn't like the way you looked when he first met you then he won't hire you. Then we find out that we are trying to sell knives and things. But of course he didn't mention the fact that we have to invest over a 100 bucks to start the job. We have to purchase the knives and then use that as our sells guide to show customers. This was the biggest scam I had ran across yet. Any business you have to invest money in to get hired, you should know it just ain't right!!!How do they expect you to purchase something like that and you are trying to get a job. Oh you don't want to talk about the door to door sales. Yeah you need to find your own people to sale to by the way. If this sounds like the job for you, then goodluck to you!!

Yeah right you must be one of the people trying to hire folks to do this so called business. Isn't it funny how you are the only one that says something good about it. Makes people think. Read the other post. I am not the only one that knows about how this company is a HUGE SCAM!!!! Come on folks how real is it that you made 50k in one year. Like I said you are the one that's probably trying to hire people for this business wasting their time. Misleading them in the ads and everything else. Don't be pulled into the lies folks it's just not true and it just isn't going to work like that. I don't care where you live and who you know and what you do, the only ones that profit are the ones in the ownership of the business. Of course unless you invest in this scam and find some old couple that has nothing better to do with their money and falls for the tired sales pitch and pay for some knives that cost an arm and a leg. I don't even think it's too many of those people left. Just be prepared to go door to door knocking, begging and trying to sell. How about that!!!!!!

When I was in college, I worked for Vector Marketing for a summer and found out that I loved sales. My manager never made me invest in it, and I sold $10k worth of that stuff in 3 months. I knew It was just a part-time thing, but I think that it would be safe to say that sales is not for everyone. Today I work for a Fortune 100 firm and earn a substantial living, and its because of my attitude and desire to succeed. I won't stop until I'm at the top. I have paid my dues to get here. I'm sorry to hear that the Vector Marketing may not be the best company to work for. I think that there are bad apples everywhere. Doesn't matter what company. My experience is different than anyone else's, but in my opinion, Vector Marketing can be a good place to start out as your first company to work for, but if you are older, like in your 30s or more, go back to school.

The first time they called me the secretary said their openings were very limited. The secretary was a liar, and she told me she I had to go there that day for the interview.I told her I had school and then 3 weeks later as stupid as she is, she called me back and said we forgot to schedule you for an interview.If the openings were so limited why they post the ad up on job searches everyday?They also post up ads all over campuses.Anyway The way she responded to my questions on the phone proves that she has no customer service experience at all. I would have gotten better responces from outsourcing in Indian. Things started getting fishy, the way they describe things is exactly the way 2by2 and citigroup does. As you know 2by2 and citigroup are pyramid scams. They will entice with individuals that work for the company which made it big and is "rich". In vector like any other scams you have to pay first before you start getting paid yourself. If start telling you how big their businesses then the businesses wouldnt be asking you for money. What I feel bad about is this company is targetting High School students and seriously something must be done about it. I decided to ditch the interview because I probably would have punched the interviewer in the face and than throw the knives I purchased at the secretaries.

definitely I actually rather volunteer in a hospital helping others than to help sell for theives and cons. I hope people that read this would think twice before going to the stupid interview. The secretary had the nerve to tell me, you have to wear proper attire for the interview. NO *** even mcdonalds require a button shirt and tie for interview. Thats how stupid she was.

Whats also sad is that they are destroying the future of high school students. I actually teach tennis to seniors for high school and I know many teenagers that would just fall for this. Like any other pyramid scam, students always end up starting college late or not attending at all. So please high school students if you really want to work for free you can clean my house, atleast I can offer you milk and cookies.

Hmmm this makes me think about this beacause they called me today and said they have an opening today, I was surprised, and totally forgot that today was teh 27th and I was going to reschedule for tommorow, but I decited to go today, then I wanted to do some research on what I would be doing, and got turned off by going door to door, I am 17, and it seemed like a good job, but I think I am going to skip the interview, I feel bad though.

Actually it isn't a scam. It is a direct sales position; yes, you do have to invest in the sales kit to do demostrations. I worked one summer as an independent rep and learned a great deal about how to do cold calling. It certainly isn't an opportunity for everyone. The experience really helped me in learning how to get over being afraid of making sales calls. No, I didn't make a lot of money, but no one was scammed, and it is really a decent product if you can afford the knives (seriously these bad boys do last forever.)

I think the biggest problem is that they need to be clearer in the presentation of the position. When I met to discuss working as an indy rep, the manager I dealt with was very clear.

It's not a scam, but if you are looking for an hourly job, then no, this isn't for you. Because they only way you make any money is if you actually make sales. But I did meet quite a few people, and most of them were in their early 20s that did quite well.

Ive got anouther place for you guys, It was a place called incentive marketing group or there other name IMG & Associates, they claim to be a sports advertising and marketing group. When you send in a resume they send you and email that says to call and set up an appoinment. When you get to the office you are greated by the girl that you talked and set up the meeting with, she gets you to fill out an application, when you are in the waiting room you are surrounded by good music and sports center on the television. Once you get in to meet with the owner he talks to you about sports and what kind of person you are and tells you that you will be working with big teams like the Braves and Thrashers. Once you come back for the second interview they tell you to wear your best suit and be ready to meet with the clients. Once you meet the person you are going to be riding with they also tell you that you are going to meet with your clients and to remeber to always be beusiness professional at all times even during the ride. Once you are in the car and have talked about who you are and they have told you about they are and you are about 30 minuates away from the office they tell you that you are going to be going door to door to find leads for a new company that they just started working with. The problem being is that when they do tell you, you dont know what to do and for most of the people that i went with had no idea where they were. Finally once you are out there you walk around a neighborhood for hours in your best interview cloths. Once its finally over and you go back to the office they would like you to go upstairs to talk with the owner but by this point you already know that it is a scam and in most cases you leave. Please dont get scamed by this place like myself and others did, stay away from incentive marketing group!

Im so tired of the scam artist itself telling people that they make money. Give it up we know you dont make anything, by you trying to tell people you make money would just attract innocent teenagers that has a future to look forward to. These type of job usually promote taking school off. For you vector marketing think about the next generation and be more socially responsible. please

This guy is full of crap... don't believe him. He obviously works for Vector Marketing and doesn't want the truth of his scam to be exposed. This is the way VM works---they are a select group of salespeople who lure in young kids looking for a job...and tell them that they have to buy a set of knives in order to get the job. Half the kids probably buy the knives and then can't sell anything, and quit after 2 weeks...which leaves the VM people with a profit. There are two types of employees at Vector Marketing: those who are ripping off the new employees, and the new employees who are being ripped off. Now the only way to be a part of the first group is to probably know someone in that group---but even then, would you really want to have such an crooked and unethical job, where you are ripping off young naive kids who are technically your own employees?? Shameful, evil.

I applied for a job at Vector Marketing and they called me for an interview. I showed up to the appointment (which was today) and I was there with about 6 other people. They went on this huge thing about how good their knives were and I was convinced that they are good. So I came home today and was pretty happy that I had gotten the job. Then I was sitting there and I told my girlfriend that we have to find the people ourselves to sell to. She told me she thought it was a scam so I looked it up. Good thing I did. Apparently vector rips off thousands of students every year like this. How the hell can they get away with such crap? I should have known though because their signs were duct taped to the wall, and the room was only like 10' by 10'.

What really pisses me off is how do they get away with such filth??? There were other people in the interview too that I'm not sure if they also got the job or if it was just me. But something needs to be done about this bull. I'm not sure if I should tell someone or if I should just let it go or what. But what a load of s*** this is.

I already went through with the interview thing and got the job. I have the "training"/brainwashing this thursday (april 26th)anyone have some good ideas of how to get back at vector? I already have a thing typed up with all the dirt on them to give to the others who got the job and im gona go rip on the manager. and does anyone know if it is actually true that the manager gets 25% of our sales?

Well I do work for Vector, and I'm not going to say that it's the best place to work for, however the product that I sell, CUTCO, is what we are marketing, not Vector. I don't look at it as working for Vector, I look at it as working for CUTCO. Now granted it is hard to make money with this company when first starting out, since it is on a commission base, but if you really work hard at it, you can actually make some really good money. I'm 19 years old and I live in Austin and go to school at ACC, but since i'm originally from Houston, I don't know anybody in Austin so I have to travel every other weekend over to Houston to make sales. I'm at the point where I make 25% of what I sale, so on average I make around $300-$400 on the weekend. Since I am a student, this is a good part time job. During the summer I can make a couple of thousand dollars still as a part timer. I never bought my kit when I first started out, my managers gave me and the other reps that were starting out the option of either purchasing the sample kit for 75% off, or just borrow it and when you are done with the company, return it.

Sean managers do not make 25% of other peoples sales. Unless it is different from where you live, they get about 3% of sales.

Now I figured out there little "scheme" when it comes to pay. Everyone will make the same amount of money when they first start out, but once you start making 50% commission on your sales, then you can make as much as you want. And yes, there are people who sell over $300,000 a year in sales and they are on a 50% commission pay, but they have worked hard at it for years to get to that level.

If this not the job for you, you think that it's too hard and you don't want to put the time and effort into it, then don't do it. The only reason I took this job was because my parents told me to get a job and so since I am lazy I found one where I can make my own schedule and basically work when I want to.

Thats a ridiculous claim. The sample kit works on a security deposit. You can return the sample kit and get your money back. They just have to pay for it up front so they don't steal it! Why dont you actually be professional and go in for an interview and find out what it really is instead of what people who arent good at it have said. Scam? We are more upfront in our interview with our applicants than 90% of other companies. Guess you would've known that if you actually went in for the interview and paid attention. And no it isn't a pyramid scheme. I've sold 30k in 4 months, so yes you can make a ton of money and the products have a forever guarantee, which means you never have to buy it again. Scam? How many scams will let college students run their own office so they can help their reps build great resume experience? When people try out the job and realize its not for them instead of accepting the idea they might not be good at it they blame the company and call it a scam. 90% of the people who buy cutco buy it again. That says enuf!

Lol it is ridiculous that people make all these claims about something they don't have a clue about. It is NOT door to door. It is NOT cold calling through a phone book. Wanna know about the company? Go to an interview and learn about it. Don't take someone's word for it b/c they weren't good at it and got mad about it.

look its clear that this is a scam. Stop making lies up for this company. You all that are agreeing with the company are more than likely those fake managers that are taking money from people for this bull crap. Come to an interview is what you say so that you can use your persuasive tactics and pull people in to this. I am sorry folks that is the biggest lie ever, you will not make money people, but if you are willing and wanting to spend like crazy and go door to door to old people houses, or people of little knowledge and make a living doing that to people then go right ahead and do it.

Now I think anyone with common sense can see that your comment was full of crap!!! I went to the interview, matter of fact I went to a 3 part interview process they gave everyone here. THey didn't even tell you until the third part that you must a arm and leg for these knives!!! YOu also didn't sell any amount like that. Tell the truth you made money off what the other people sold for you. They sell it and you make the profit for it. I will say this once again, if you are currently looking for employment you probably don't have money to just give to some company off a chance it will work out going door to door. Oh they refund your money, how about we was told you will just make your money back off one sale. Not any refund!!! So you can save that lie as well. Go ahead waste your time and take the interview. Just look at what other people have had to say about it. We all aren't doing something wrong. They do the same thing around the country. Why do you think they are constantly hiring, either no one stays or they figure out the SCAM as well. THEy wil print an ad saying hiring 15 people, man please they do desperate they will take who they can get and throw them out there. If you go to the interview chances are you will get the fake job. Higher chances are that you will see the SCAM in it all.

i just went in 4 an interview 2day, yes like many othres posted here i scheduled the interview 4 that day, they said they are really tighly booked but they actually have an opening today, then i thought i was luky, now im having 2nd thoughts. neway there were 11 others who were there with me, the interview went pretty smoothly nad the hour speach thing where we had to take notes and stuff, the weird part was that he kept addressing people by name throughout the lecture. i know the point in this was to instill within the person a sense of realationship with "the boss" he said he had interviewd a lot of people and that he now had a chance to be more selective. he said he will give a no or yes anwer to everone before they left which i thought was fair enough. he said out of the 11 ppl there that day only 2 or 3 were qulified for the job so when he told me i had been accepted i was excited. it sounds like a great job but on my way bak decided it wasnt for me afterall realistically in this day and age it is NOT safe for a girl to be making house calls.its simply not woth the risk. whether its really a scam or not... i do not know. however i do know its a dangerous job 4 me. and by the way- there is a base pay of $16 so even if you dont sell you make money 4 every apptmt. and if you would make more through the commision way of pay, you are paid that way. and also it makes sense, in a way, that they are making you buy the sample kit . although they give you a 75% discount so instead of the usual $899 youu pay $140. although i was wondering why they dont trust their employers and give them a free kit or even take the money for it out of their paycheck. i dunno...but either way im not gonna take the job ... butim curious - is it really a scam? bec many of the ppl claiming it is hav a lot of their facts wrong...but they hav a point...

You're right Karla. Very few people on here have their facts straight. 9 times out of 10 they go to the interview, don't pay attention, still get accepted and don't show up for training. I really do think you should take the job if it's just a question of saftey. Of course it's not a scam. You only call people who you have been recommended to. For instance: your aunt recommends you to one of her you trust your aunt? If so then it is perfectly safe. And to the person who says they didn't tell you about the sample kit until the last day of training, well then you didn't pay attention in the interview. I guess they don't take it out of your paycheck b/c you don't have one yet to be honest lol. It's definately worth it though. All these people are saying that when they make you buy the sample kit they're ripping you off..actually a lie. They're giving you 70% off on a product that you will use for the rest of your life. They're ripping these innocent college kids off? Right. You can call me a liar all that you want to. I really don't care. I really have sold $30,000 of cutco in the last 4 months, which means I am now making 50% of what I sell. Scam? Yeah right.

I'm a receptionist for vector and all of you who think this is a scam your idiot's. This is one of the best companies I have ever worked for. your given the opportunity to make so much money. I really don't know any person that wouldn't want the opportunity to make a whole bunch of money. I guess the losers who come in one day and expect to have a big paycheck at the end of the week but don't make the effort to do the work would call this thing a scam. Its a scam to them because their lazy and don't want to work for their money, they want i handed to them!!!!

its funny how all these people claim vector is a scam but still don't have a job. just because you actually have to invest your time and do work and not sit on your ass and ride the clock all day does not mean its a bad job. you have to work to get paid. isnt that how its supposed to work? how can you complain about having a flexable schedule? for all you people that have an issue about the sample kit, ask your self how are you supposed to sell a product the customer cant see or use? dont people use their products in an infomercial? its basically the same thing but your live and in people homes that want to see the product and is expecting you to come. if you want to quit the position, you can return the kit and get your money back or keep the kit. its that simple. so basically what im trying to say is just becase your close minded and sat on your lazy ass and had a bad experience with the company doesnt make us a scam. we wouldnt be apart of the better business bueru if we was a scam. and people wonder why they dont have a job lol.

NO Amanda those people aren't losers they know that a scam is wrong and they are smart enough to know one when they see one. I would call that one smart person not a loser. Even you as a receptionist probably have to go and try to scam people out of money. I know what happened with the vector marketing where I am from and I can't speak on it from anywhere else, but from the looks of it I don't have to cause It's enough people out there that can say for themselves it SUCKS! The only people stepping up to defend Vector are the low lives that work with them in management. Not the ones fresh out there and you can tell that by the comments left. Don't feed me bullcrap about making so much money with them cause it ain't going to happen folks. Every person for themselves. I do have a job a great job making an honest living providing for my kids. See I do a job I would love to allow my children to see me do one day. I am not trying to go door to door and talk people into buying a product that cost an arm and a leg. So if the is the lifestyle for you then by all means go right ahead. But like I said, down here there wasn't any huge percentage off to purchase the kit and it wasn't any get your money back deal with that crap. So there you go. This also goes for the guy Taymar as well. It has nothing to do with hard work. It all has to do with honest work. And for someone talking about not having a job, why are you on Must be looking for one yourself!!!!

Its not a scam. Their website is pretty clear about what they do - sell cutlery. It sounds as though a lot of people are answering jobs postings and going in for interviews without doing any research on the company beforehand!

This is a description of the company from Hoovers:
"Vector Marketing Corporation (VMC), the direct sales division for Cutco Cutlery, makes the cut in cutlery sales. The company manages the marketing and direct sales of sister company Cutco, the nation's largest kitchen cutlery manufacturer. VMC and its Canadian counterpart,
Vector Marketing Canada, enlist legions of college students who make home visits to demonstrate and sell Cutco products, which include butcher knives, paring knives, carving forks, and other household cutlery. The company was acquired by Alcas Corporation-- the manufacturer of Cutco products -- in 1985."

Seems pretty straightforward to me - they are direct sellers. So I guess the question for those of you who believe this is a scam - what exactly did you think the job would be?

lol its funny how you claim i need a job because im on this web site. so that must mean your not doing a hell of a job at your work place because your on this web site too! you must have a lot of time on your hands if you can get on line and bash people jobs! if i didnt belive in this company, i wouldnt defend it. just because it dont work out for a lot of people doesnt make it a scam. if this company was a scam, dont you think the bbb would investigate the company and shut us down instead of giving us a certificate for being legit? if vector was a scam, why is people here so successful? i also dont have time to argue with people kids, bash people jobs, or debate wether a job is a scam or not. if it dont work for you, oh well! stop crying and move the hell on!! it obviously worked for many people including myself because we're still standing strong an making honest money wether you like it or not. so post all the comments you want. in fact get more people to post comments and belive we're a scam because it shows that we're on your mind and it gives us more publicity. so i would like to thank all the haters out there for keeping our company in the spot light!!! any questions?

Hey Chris you are right about it not being bery big at all. But we wasn't given the option of 75% off nor to borrow. See they wasn't doing that at all and as far as it being set up for us to go to a person's house that previously requested it that wasn't happening at all either. Our instructions were to start in a neighborhood you knew was safe to be in and also consider people you know. But I do appreciate your honesty. I see you actually read what I put when I said it may be different else where. Thanks for at least reading all my comments before you posted instead of being like Taymar or Amanada and not reading a damn thing. Seriously though if it works for you then more power to you. Good Luck.

I just got set up for an interview by Amanda, the receptionist in Ohio. She was friendly and prompt (on the phone, atleast). After doing more research on what exactly Vector does, I decided that this job is not for me... So I won't be going to the interview tomorrow.

I don't think it's right for people to call Vector a scam. It's a business company-- an intelligent one at that. On the other hand, I think some of the information advertised can be misleading. It's up for ethical debate, but I'm assuming Vector discloses enough information during the interview that empowers employees with the knowledge to make the decision to work hard or quit.

I find it humorous that most of the people posting "for" Vector degrade to using personal insults and have a hard time forming simple sentences.

I too fell upon "" on my college campus, and like many other students searching for summer jobs I decided to give it a shot. I found it extremely suspicious that I was called back within three hours--and furthermore that they asked me which number they could reach me at in the event my application was processed within 90 minutes. 90 minutes? Think about that for a few seconds. I've worked for several companies--all of them took about a week (on average) to get back to me. Following that was a background check and drug test. I am extremely happy to comply with both the background and drug test because it shows the legitimacy of the company.

Is Vector a SCAM? I don't think it's a scam. That's a harsh word. As said earlier it's up for ethical debate. They do reach a vulnerable and generally desperate and uneducated demographic--when I say "uneducated" I don't mean as far as schooling goes--I mean when it comes to real world experience.

Keep in mind when applying to places like this: when it sounds too good to be true it probably is, or there is a lot more work involved than you previously conceived.

As far as proponents to Vector posting here...well, Chris is about the only legible one I have read as of yet.

By the way Vector marketing doesn't make any money off of the sample kit money. it's mailed directly to the company in olean. the kits are totally refundable at any time whether it be 20 seconds, 20 days or 20 years later. i was an assistant manager for vector. you all need to get your facts right. there is no door to door sales or cold calling involved and we let people know about us on the phone when they're signing up for an interview. they are even told about the product.

you're right each office is run differently as it has it's own owner. what i want to correct you about is... "It's because the office/branch gets paid more to have a lot of reps."

The owner of the office doesn't get paid by the number of people they have working for them. they work on commission as well, so if their

I am not bashing the company, they have not offended me any. I simply stated the facts in the case. I do wih the lady on the phone would have answered some of my questions instead of making me feel that I am going to end up wasting my time comming in. Honestly all she had to do was tell me briefly about the company. She did mention sales but I've learned from past situations that if they A) no call center and B) no store than its going to end up C) undesirable sales method.

well wheni was an assistant i worked with the reseptionist and in my office they would do tell anyone who calls in these words "there is no door to door sales involved nor is there any cold calling or canvasing. you will be doing preset professional appointments in which you'd have to explain and demonstrait a product answer questions and write up orders. does that seem like something you'd be comfortable with?"
I am glad that you did not work in the office that you were set for an interview at if you were interviewed at my office you would have been treated with respect and would know all of the duties and responsibilites as soon as you asked the question.

I just had an interview with Vector, and like most of the people posting here I went through the same routine of presentations and colourful rhetoric about how Vector values
honesty and integrity above all. There were four other people at the interview and we were told that only one of us would get the job. Apparently I was the only one hired but it is obvious to me now that we were all hired, the "only one of you will get this job" speech was just a clever attempt to make
"the one" feel special.

After researching Vector further, I am disgusted that they would preach about honesty and integrity and yet be blatantly dishonest and manipulative to potential employees, ESPECIALLY because the people they hire are young students who do not have the experience to know better.

I would not say Vector is a scam, as certain people can do very well with them. That being said, they ARE NOT what they appear to be on the surface, they are dishonest and manipulative despite claiming to value honesty and integrity.

>>>>For anyone else thinking about a job with Vector I would strongly suggest conducting further research into their recruiting schemes and also their troublesome history (there is alot of information of this, you only have to do some light searching on Google)<<<<<

As for me, I will not be going to the unpaid training or taking this job any further. The potential to actually LOSE money while working for them as well as Vector's failure to practice what they preach tells me this is not a company that is not worth my time.

Wow guys~! big misunderstanding!!!

you guys think that because you have to pay for the SAMPLE SET to do the demo, the company's scam? then you're IGNORANT!!!!

this is the SALES BUZ, you know any company that'll just lend out hundred-dollars worth of samples for free? Reps would've run-off with the products if that happened!!!!!!

for those of you who've never been in the sales buz, PAYING deposit for the sample set is STANDARD PRACTICE!!!!! I know this because my mom and friends have gone into similar buz.

AND you know ppl who complain about this type of work?? it's because they failed!!!! or that they are trying to convince themselves that it's the product/company's fault that they can't succeed!!



They called the next morning after i applied. i was kinda suspicous bc they called me back so quickly. and then they told me they are really busy but were able to squeeze me in for an interview. they told me not to wear jeans and that ill be paid 14 dollars base pay. sounded strange.
im still deciding if im going to go, or if i am just going to ditch the appointment.>>??

I am hiring for a new company!!! 10 spots open!! Only cost $100 to start!! Great Money!! $16.50 per visit!! OH WAIT!! We dont even pay you for 3 days of training!!! WHAT MORE COULD U ASK FOR!!

Be better of selling kirby vaccum cleaners atleast that is a quality known product!

I recieved a letter from Vector last year and this year as well. I'm a freshman in college and I thought 'Hey! maybe I should just go check it out and see what it's like.' So I applied online at school and when I got home I had a message from them on my answering machine...already!? I was like 'Wow...that was fast.' So I set up an interview and when I went it was a huge group of college students there. We were taken into the managers office 2 at a time, which I felt was very weird. Then he gave us this huge presentation on the company and product. I stayed for the whole presentation because he made it sound so good. I was thinking in my head 'god this will be so easy and I really need the money.' Then after the presentation we had to fill out a few questions and we didn't even have time to fill out the important questions when he called me and this other girl back first. He said we "stood out" in the group. But he didn't spend that much time with us. Maybe 5 minutes, if that. You know I was so excited that I had gotten the job and I called my mom. Well she went online just to look up the company and found out that it's a scam. This morning I've done my research as well and I won't be going to the training. So please, if you get a letter in the mail from Vector don't even open it. If it's too good to be true...than it's too good to be true.

i really do love the way this shan guy alwyas has to throw my name in a lot of his lil comments he make. i also love the way he tries to disrespect me by tossing out personal insults. another thing i love is how i was the bigger person and not stoop to his level and not say anything negative about him or anyone else that make comments on this web site. i dont have time to argue with peoples kids or get upset over some random person that i dont know insulting me. he claim i need a life but yet he been making comments on this site for a few months. so shan, keep throwing my name in every single comment you make. in fact, go ahead and insult me as much as you want because i think its cute. and its nice to know that im on someone mind ๐Ÿ™‚ oh yea i also love the fact that other people can come on here and talk about vector, wether they like us or not, and still be civilized and mature about it. so i would like to thank all the mature and civilized people that can manange to have a discussion with out insulting anyone else.

After reading all that i can read...i can only said i will quit this job not because of scem but because it is not the right job for me....i am not good at sale and don't know much of people, even if i continue doing this job i would not make much the way i started working last week....have not make any sale...even my mon said it is not a right job for me...people who can make money out of this company is people who can for how they sale.... this is an other question...i know most people who start the job only sell to family and friends...and later it become more and more hard to sale...

Wow. I heard about this "job" from a friend, and as soon as I looked in the newspaper I saw three different ads for the same job. That is when i first thought something must be going on. Then I call them to see if i could get any information about the job. The receptionist/recruiter who answered the phone told me that she could not answer any questions do to the volume of calls she was recieving but that any of my questions could be answered at the interview.... hmm second flag.
she asks me to come in that very day for the interview because apparantly positions are going fast (third flag)... my sisters recital was that night so i told her no and her reply was "well im sure your sister will have more recitals, its important you don't miss this opportunity" (fourth flag)... i then told her i was no longer interested in the job..

what the hell kind of business is this???

This is a scam ladies and gentlemen.

Please look up vector on wikipedia and follow the links to see a very non biast educated report on the dangers of this company and the way it does business.

This is not a good or valued company at all. It's practices are deceiving destructive and illegal. Vector has had multiple lawsuits of misconduct and deception from the state of Oregon as well as being a company that does not pay it's employees for training.

Work for this company at your own risk. I have been to the interview and seen how very charismatic and good they make it look. Real companies with real income would pay to train you and would NOT make you pay for the product up front in case of theft they would simply take it from your paycheck!

Just two cents from an educated and experienced person.

i might come back to this but anyway you really ignorant people.. no lie im 19 since april and started working in jan. i am up to my 30% promotion and have been key staff since my second week and now soon to be a manager and thats only because of my sales and way of talking.. to be frank im lazy as hell but very skilled in talking and convincing which is what sales is all about which is what you people don't have because if you did you wouldn't think all who defend are liars rather you would try and bash our comments instead right? you can return your kit for money at any time you want and you have discounts on your own items if you wanted.. you are not scammed out of money at all through the whole time you work.. but i will admit that before the interview process it is just a bunch of crap cause i know the ins and outs of the whole process.. fine you are enticed to do the job but if it is a great job if you can handle it.. i make more than any of my friends who work regular jobs.. first two weeks 45 demos and 5260 in sales which is about 3-400 in profits.. also i have two personal recruits who both started like some of you but then went on field training demos with me and both sold a lot and of course made me a bit richer since i recruited them.. dont think of me as a soon to be manager who is just getting money for free cause im not.... YET... i make more than the average my age and im still in debt.. u probably have a harder life than any of you who have all day to talk about this.. im on right now cause my brother doesnt trust the job and sent me these sites cause he's a top business in debt with college and life so if this was a scam id be gone.. if i wasnt able to make this much id be out the door of vector

This will settle everything. Check out the consumer report. It is a scam. They have been sued several times for misleading thousands of young adults. So for everyone saying it's a great company, why did I just view the case file for the law suit brought against Vector by the federal trade commission? You all have tried to schedule me for an interview, but I was smart enough to notice how unprofessional the young lady was that called me. With all of the big talk that you all do in your ads, one would like to think that you would at least be smart enough to have someone with some sort of professional background making these appointments. You would also think that you would be smart enough to not continue to repost defensive messages for Vector by signing under different names. If you aren't signing under different names, then you are obviously all in the same location, hince the same ip address on every single posting from the Vector rep. If you view the packet that you all give out during training, you will notice several spelling errors as well as grammatical errors. You will also notice sales approaches that any self-respecting business would run from. Also, why do you all target the youth? Why do your so called managers introduce themselves as managers, but upon researching the company thru the BBB, the title is principal instead of manager. Who would really call someone and say, "It doesn't matter if you don't buy the product. I get paid anyway for the appointment?" How unprofessional and desperate does that sound? I wouldn't buy a thing from someone who called me with that sales pitch, because how can I trust the product to be any good if the person is only in it for the money? Before you defend the company, perhaps you all are the people who need to do a bit more research on the company. If you research fraud alerts, you will notice that Vector is amongst one of the companies listed. That can't be a lie, because that's a list created by representatives of our

government, who has to have a grounds to base such claims upon. Unless of course you all would like to scream conspiracy. I also don't understand how Vector workers seem to think that they are so high above others. You sell knives. I mean seriously, you sell knives. To be perfectly honest, in this day and age, I don't know very many people who allow strangers into their homes with these magnificent knives that you claim to sell. During your training sessions you say that you sell the #1 utensil sets in America, yet you don't advertise that anywhere. You call yourselves a marketing firm, but you are not that, especially if you also operate under the name of Cutco. Marketing firms have clients and do not operate under their clients name. After checking with the BBB, I found that you all not only operate under the names of Vector and Cutco, but also under the name of a company whom they haven't been affiliated with in over 20 years. Yes, their page vaguely tells what you may do. But it doesn't state that you are also required to pay for your own travel expenses to required conferences and such. It doesn't say that those scholarships they promise are usually donations to the student's university in the student's name, and that's rare, as you all rarely disburse scholarships. You all also lied to my friend, as I now see you've done to a lot of others, by telling her that you don't do interviews on Thursdays or Fridays, no exceptions. However, when she said she wouldn't be able to make it, guess what, yup, and exception was made. She too was hired right on the spot. I've never known any real business to hire on the spot with no background check or calling of references. It doesn't all add up. You've misrepresented yourselves by stating that you are a marketing firm who markets other things such as sporting goods. Base pay is what you make no matter what, not what you make if you follow a strick guideline that is not initially made clear. My roommate knew nothing about