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PLC Programmer/Technician vs. CNC Programmer/Machinist

Why is it that every HR Manager and Indeed recruiter and Indeed's automated suggestions  believe that a CNC Machinist job is equivalent to a PLC Programmer or PLC Technician or an Electronics Technician?CNC Operation and programming is NOTHING AT ALL like PLC Programming or electronics repair.  Not at all.  Not similar in any way.  Not even Close.So, why do all of these people call or e-mail about CNC jobs when a resume lists PLC work experience?  

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A&P's are at extreme risk of losing it all.

For all you A&P mechanics and those who think you want to get into the trade, there is new and significant danger to your financial health. Following passage of the 1999 General Aviation Revitalization Act AND changes to federal bankruptcy laws, General Aviation Mechanics in particular are now at extreme risk of losing everything in a lawsuit. NO longer are the manufacturers the deep pocket in any litigation, YOU are! And if you are not currently carrying a personal liability policy with at leas...

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A&P/Avionics can't find work!

So I'm an Avioncs Tech with my A&P and FCC License. I have been laid off since September and it's been hard trying to find a job. I must have submitted hundreds of resumes and not one interview yet. I was making a cool $23.50/hr contractng till I got laid off. I've applied stateside and overseas. I just don't know about this profession anymore. Anbody know of some places?

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Auto Technician/Mechanic Jobs

My boyfriend was just convicted of his 2nd OWI/DUI. He's served his time in jail (19 days) and doesn't have a license. Initially, he was supposed to lose it for 18 or so months but eventually got notified he'd be eligible to get it back sooner.My boyfriend has 5 years of automotive experience, which includes detailing.I notice most jobs require a valid license.He's a good technician/mechanic and detailer and I'd hate to see him not get a job simply because he doesn't have a license.Is it worth a...

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I really hate my new job

I started a new job just under 2 weeks ago, it sounded great, really good job title, good money, training and the description sounded right. Im a Mechanical Design Engineer, and my strength is 3d CAD. Since starting this job it has become clear that the thing im good at is only a small part of it. Ive been doing difficult calculations and checking documents so far, and im bored, plus quite annoyed as i feel ive been miss sold the job! No one in the office is particularly friendly, and i want out...

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Real Business?

I can't confirm this business actually exists. Search results only return this indeed job posting so no website, No social media presence, no address, no listed phone number in yellow/white pages. I checked at the state level and the business is not registered as a corporation or LLC. As far as I can tell it isn't listed as a DBA since it wasn't listed in the news paper. I am interested in this job and have been looking into it for the last few weeks, but refuse to send my resume to a job that, ...

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getting hired

I went to an interview with wm.I called to get my poc when I arrived and was told via phone that they(wm) would know who I was there to see and when I arrived just as I figured they asked me who I was supposed to see? Any way one of the main guys told me my resume was pretty impressive and when I actually got into the interview the gentleman told me they weren't actually hiring(go figure)then why do you even have a position listed for gq if I was over qualified then just say so and I'll go find ...

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Finding Jobs That Will Hire People With a Felony.

Hi severeal years ago i was in a domestic violence relationship and i ended up assaulting my assaulter and i got in trouble for that I have a lot ofwork experience in light industrial general labor machine operator assemblysorting and housekeping supervisor,buti cant find a job because everyone doesbackround checks.I dont think that'sfair if you dont give people a chancehow will you ever know how good of aworker you passed up.What should i do?

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new hughes net installe requirements on the techs IE: pole mounts.

Hughes has now told all there fulfillment contractors that they will increase their pay by $25.00 an install however they will be required to install pole mounts for free. Knowing that the expense of the pole, concert and conduit at their cost is over $50.00 and that they restrict mounting of Tri-mast roof / wall mounts may never be install on stucco, aluminum or vinyl siding, chimneys, trees, telephone posts, fences, or free standing wooden posts.All antennas, whether mounted with a pole or wit...

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Need to know whether the mail id was fake or correct

Hi,This is vijay, kindly help me out with this. I got one mail regarding a career-jobs which was attached with small HR questioniare and a personnal details form which was filled and forwarded to them with undersign. finally i got an appointment letter with a designation as junior mechanical engineer in cargill company from mail ID *********** adressed by William A Buckner Senior Vice president asWilliam A. BucknerSenior Vice PresidentCargill Corporate Human Resources© Corporate Headquarters Car...

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Nervous about age

Hello everyone. I am 47 and in excellent health (thankfully). I recently gave up on a horrible, stress filled management position at at&t. Pay was good but the job was ruining my relationship with wife and family. Anyway, working on aircraft has always been a dream since very young. I decided to enroll in aviation mechanic trade school school in Duluth Ga to complete a 2 year program for AM (with avionics, i love electronics). My worries about age are not related to ability, but more about: will...

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